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Unusual Demont swoons on ‘ALL THAT U WANT,’ ‘NIGHTTIME’ in long-awaited return

Unusual Demont is a sonic spell-binder. Whether it be through glittery, iridescent offerings like “Maybe Not” and “Sugar” or R&B-draped bedroom pop (i.e. HUES), the Madison-born singer’s fresh-pressed singles may be his most infectious yet.

Sharing “ALL THAT U WANT” (Nov. 8) and “NIGHTTIME” weeks apart, Demont’s latest effort is more of a slow burn than dance floor turn-up. “My feelings are lost / My healing is gone / I’m shouting at ceilings,” he tears off over the track’s provoking, menacing baseline — bringing a full garage concert to life on all his own (playing every instrument). Stark, mysterious and filled with dark space, “ALL THAT U WANT” soothes with smooth allure amid a tumultuous realization.

“NIGHTTIME” (Oct. 11) swirls with electric guitar swells and warm funky keys, as Demont calls out to his lover ahead of a night out yearning for comfort: “And time spent alone, till you miss me / And moved on, still, we got history / And home’s too far from the city / And far too long since you kissed me, love.”

Crooning over the track’s somber, electro-laced vibe, his methodical lines swiftly shift into a fast-paced club cut made for the dance floor. In its coinciding visual, purple hues scatter the skyline in which he glares at from his window, where quick-cuts soon scatter each frame — filled with a variety of imagery that illustrate “NIGHTTIME’s” vivacious beat breakdown. It’s undeniably moody — clad with the energy of a morning after and a late night in limbo — as Demont brings forth a comeback track well worth the year-long wait.

Since sharing “SUGAR” in July 2022, the Avant Garden artist’s post-HUES run has been surrounded by both intrigue and anticipation. Garnering a slew of praise from both fans and critics, Demont’s debut not only swept us off our feet, but showcased the potent care and control he possesses in both his production and lyricism. As one of my favorite projects from 2021, the alt-star’s first (and only) record is a true baring of his soul — moving on from the throes of a tumultuous relationship and finding himself amid emotional chaos.

On these two singles, it’s apparent that he’s having more fun feeling free than dealing with the fickle emotions that once plagued him. Simply put, I can’t get enough of this record, as Demont’s return further excites me for the full-length follow-up surely on its way.

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