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Unusual Demont drops charming new banger ‘Sugar’

As we approach the transition from summer to fall, many of us are currently preparing to be knee-deep in our own seasonal existential crises. Whether you’re dreading the inevitable end of the summer or the onset of 2022’s cuffing season, it may be safe to say that this time of the year isn’t going to be easy on anyone.

Luckily for you, Unusual Demont is back with the new single “Sugar” — an effortlessly romantic and saccharine bop perfect for impressing that one girl at the gym you keep making extended eye contact with.

Sounding like the graceful lovechild of Tobi Lou and Choker while simultaneously occupying a lane of his own, Unusual Demont’s new effort is yet another banger from the young Wisconsin vocalist. Synthesizing dulcet R&B vocals with his signature knack for clever songwriting, “Sugar” is the perfect track to decorate your weekly rotation while your friends update their dating app profiles. With two infectious alt-pop singles under his belt so far this year, we’re crossing our fingers that a follow-up his 2021 project HUES. is right around the corner.

Anybody who’s anybody knows that good music taste is the most important thing in a relationship, so next time you’re on aux, play “Sugar” and watch the beloved eyes emoji DMs start to roll in. Though cuffing season might have us in a headlock soon, we’ll luckily have new Unusual Demont tunes like these to hold us down through love’s highs and lows.

Check out “Sugar” by Unusual Demont below!