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tobi lou decides to let fans keep his new album ‘Non-Perishable’

Nigeria-born, Chicago-based rapper tobi lou is an undiscovered gem worth finding every time.

Just days after releasing Non-Perishable, tobi took to Instagram to started a seven day countdown aiming to take the project off streaming. With the countdown coming to an end on Friday (March 18), tobi gave his fans a last minute proposition.

Addressing his followers via Twitter, tobi revealed that he would reverse the decision to take the album down if listeners could get it to No. 1 on iTunes. Four hours later, fans rejoiced as they successfully fulfilled his request, solidifying the project’s existence on official streaming platforms.

Sporting 11 high-quality tracks, tobi’s latest effort contains features from T-Pain, Jean Deaux and Chika. It seems his versatility knows no bounds as he transitions from bangers like “Hopeless Romantic” and “She Know My Name” to sultry, mellow lullabies such as “2hrs+” and “The Last Dance.”

Most rappers focus more on the music than the other aspects of an album rollout, however tobi has taken some initiative by creating a cinematic universe for his project to live in.

With three transcendent videos and a full rollout for the project, it seemed unbelievable that tobi would take down his latest work just days after its release. “Hurry-Up Offense,” “She Know My Name” and “Hopeless Romantic” each received a visual treatment, all featuring movie-level CGI and their own plots that feature tobi’s refined vision as an artist.

Taking frame as an “action star” in each visual, “Hopeless Romantic” is perhaps the most creative of the three, where tobi’s artistic curation is instantly stunning — leading listeners in to the chaos of his world in the first 30 seconds.

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief now that tobi’s newest project is here to stay. Nevertheless, Non-Perishable is definitely worth the listen as the Chicago native ascends to new creative heights on the LP.

Check out ‘Non-Perishable by tobi lou below!