Westside Boogie feels ‘Stuck’ on latest single

At the end of April, Westside Boogie announced the title of his soon-to-come next studio album More Black Superheroes, which will be his sophomore effort under Shady Records.

Although there is no release date or track list yet, there is quite a wave of momentum the Compton rapper has been conjuring up for himself in the last month. Just a week before this announcement, Boogie was feeling “Aight,” dropping his first promotional single which featured Shelley FKA DRAM.

Now, the multi-faceted wordsmith appears to feel “Stuck” on his newest solo track. “Stuck” (May 6) sees Westside Boogie fight the common internal battle most rappers from the “hood” face when they reach a certain level of stardom, where their success gives them opportunity to move out of their, at times, dangerous community to a safer and more luxurious area. But, this comes with the guilt of turning your back on those who support you and the values that were instilled in you while you lived there.

In the song’s elaborate chorus, Boogie asks that those he surrounds himself with be reliable enough to assist him when he needs a helping hand, and that this support system is why he feels stuck at times.

Be the driver when I’m slumped (Ooh), be my n***a if you clutch

I ain’t sayin’, “Fight my battles,” you ain’t gotta be my crutch

Told my momma that I love her, I don’t do that shit enough

I’m with bro-bro, wait, wait, I’m with bro-bro in the cut

I love the hood, you know I’m stuck

“Stuck” — Westside Boogie

In the song’s music video, Westside Boogie stays true to his roots while hanging around his “blood” community in the Compton, California neighborhood he grew up in.

Simultaneously with the release of “Stuck,” Westside Boogie paid a visit to the COLORS Studio for a live performance, where he introduced two other alter-egos that could be prevalent going forward into the upcoming album. The first alter-ego “Anthony,” which is his birth name, is rocking a black beanie and eyeglasses while his second character “Superblood Boog” dons a black trench coat, sunglasses and a durag.

Now that he has displayed feelings of comfort with “Aight” and second guessing himself on “Stuck,” Westside Boogie’s album rollout has shown the conflicted persona that he will likely explore more on the project.

Check out all of Westside Boogie’s performances of “Stuck” below!


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