Westside Boogie announces upcoming album ‘More Black Superheroes’

In the United States, April 28 is recognized as National Superhero Day. To celebrate, Compton native Westside Boogie paid a visit to the Boys & Girls Club in Carson, California donning a superhero suit to play shoot some hoops and spend time with the children in the community.

The next day (April 29), he officially announced that his upcoming sophomore studio album will be titled More Black Superheroes. Referring to himself as “Superblood,” Boogie looks to embody a superhero for young black children, like he was at a time, to look up to.

While touching on the holiday and the concept surrounding the project in an Instagram post, WS Boogie discussed the strength it takes to endure the trials and tribulations of life, as he hopes to demonstrate his fortitude on the upcoming project.

Currently, More Black Superheroes does not have a track list or release date, but his label Shady Records potentially gave a sneak peak for the cover art while announcing the album.

This news come just a week after Boogie dropped his first promotional single “AIGHT” with Shelley FKA DRAM, which gave insight on what the project could potentially sound like.

More Black Superheroes will hopefully achieve the same amount of quality storytelling and lyricism as his studio debut Everythings for Sale (2019), but only time will tell.

As we await the next phase of the rollout, stay tuned into OGM for continued updates about Westside Boogie’s upcoming album!

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