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Westside Boogie is feeling ‘AIGHT’ on new single with Shelley FKA DRAM

Thanks to his 2019 studio album Everythings for Sale — his first project released under Eminem‘s Shady RecordsWestside Boogie has been a coveted, sought out rapper bred from the same Compton streets as Kendrick Lamar.

His somber storytelling and skillful pen are a huge draw for hip-hop purists, as his first promotional single “AIGHT” (April 22) featuring Shelly FKA DRAM is a testament to Boogie’s introspective, party-centric sound.

“AIGHT” sees Boogie acknowledge the turbulence he has recently experienced in his life, chalking them up as “Ls” and looking to move forward to brighter days with a persevering mentality. Dram — who recently rebranded from his cheerful persona that gave us 2016 hit “Broccoli” to a more adult and soulful approach that began with his 2021 album Shelly FKA DRAM — offers scintillating vocals that raise the West Coast-inspired instrumental ten-fold.

Sh*t, a’ight (A’ight)

I had to fall way before I got it right

Mm, sh*t, a’ight

I took L that other day, that sh*t was light, ooh

Fuck, just lost a brodie in a dice game (Don’t cry about it)

Don’t worry ’bout it, shit is life, mane (Don’t cry about it)

“AIGHT” — Westside Boogie featuring Shelley FKA DRAM

The track’s toned down production not only caters well towards Boogie’s mellow flow, but contributes to an atmosphere that aligns with Shelley’s crooning on the second half of the hook about “fronting b*tches and n****s.”

These n****s say nothin’ (A’ight), n****s be bluffin’

N**** ain’t tough, they just high as hell

And these b*tches be frontin’, never got money

No, you ain’t fine, you just high as hell

“AIGHT” — Westside Boogie featuring Shelley FKA DRAM

The music video for “AIGHT” opens with WS Boogie bumping his 2019 hit “Silent Ride” as he waits for his therapy sessions to start, whereby he rattles off a multifaceted trip down memory lane about losing his friend in a dice game, joining a cooking show with Shelley, spending time with his significant other and much more.

As fans await the continued rollout for his upcoming album, Westside Boogie mentioned that the time in between his last project has “been wild in a good and bad way,” but that he’d “get to that later tho.” For now, just know that everything is going to be “AIGHT” leading up to his forthcoming record.

Check out “AIGHT” by Westside Boogie and Shelley FKA DRAM below!