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42 Dugg drops video for new track ‘Soon’ featuring Arabian

42 Dugg has had a rather turbulant year. While already delivering one hit project alongside EST Gee, he soon found himself in legal trouble, as the Detroit emcee was arrested in Michigan earlier this month for failing to turn himself in to serve an outstanding six-month prison sentence

Now, Dugg drops his latest offering “Soon” featuring Arabian — alluding to his return to the game as one of hip-hop’s fastest rising stars. On the new track, Dugg not only reflects on his current status, but altruistically looks ahead to what his future may bring.

Coming off his collaboration project with EST Gee, Last Ones Left, Dugg moves onward toward a more introspective side on the new song. The black and white video shows Dugg hoping off his private jet and singing the hook alongside Arabian. He raps about his past struggles and his hopes for the future.

He speaks on how much he’s grown from his days in Detriot to where he is now; helping his family finanacially while also stunting with more lavish clothes and cars. However, the hook explains how he’ll eventually come back to himself, but this time he will have the know how and the means to fufill his dreams himself.

Soon, I’ll be back to my myself

Soon, I won’t need nobody else

Who gon’ be there for me when I need?

Help me live, fulfill my dreams

42 Dugg — “Soon”

Though the young artist has just began his rap career, Dugg’s legal troubles could potentially stall his momentum. Although he now faces up to five years in prison, he remains optimistic on his outlook. In a post shared on Instagram, the star is seen smiling while talking on the phone in prison. The caption reads “I’ll be bak “Soon” out now #freeme,” giving fans an update on his mindstate and current predicament.

“Soon” shows that 42 Dugg is not only seeing his glass half full, but gives a longing look into what his goals are down the road. The introspective lyrics shows just how dedicated he is to truly achieving his goal of reaching superstardum. He knows that its attainable but he would need to do it on his own.

Hopefully, that dream can come true for him and he can continue to bless his fans with more sure-fire hits like “Soon.”

Check out “Soon” by 42 Dugg below!