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Action Bronson drops new album ‘Cocodrill Turbo’

Action Bronson has returned with his sixth full-length LP Cocodrill Turbo. His latest project features the previously released “Subzero” follows his critically-acclaimed 2020 album, Only for Dolphins.

In an interview with The Source, Bronson said that, at this stage in his career, fans and new listeners alike can expect “explosive explosions” and that everything is being taken to the next level. It’s safe to say with this latest drop, Action was not kidding around. Cocodrill Turbo is filled with some of his wildest production yet all while still retaining the classic Bronson lyrics and esoteric style listeners have come to love over the years.

Mr. Bakalva takes the reigns on some of the production this time around — crafting a stunning showcase of his skills, especially on the second track “Tongpo” featuring Conway The Machine. The guitar-driven track is filled with a cacophony of animal roars and ad-libs, making it sound like the pair is rapping through a dense jungle. Bronson cuts through the chaotic soundscape first, clearing the pathway for his guest.

Conway then slides over the growing jazzy production. His head-bodding verse is filled with some hilairous wordplay referencing former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and pushes the album forward to the smooth road ahead on “Estaciones” featuring Hologram and “Jaws.”

Along with the album, the eccentric rapper also dropped a short film telling the story of El Cocodrillo Turbo. In the short, various news clips explain that a dangerous crocodile has been on the loose, wreaking havoc and killing numerous people. However, as the story continues, the crocodile is shown as a resilient figure, and in some cases, a mystical creature. In an interview with The Fader, he describes himself as that of an otherworldly being.

“….Cocodrillo Turbo: that’s what they call me when I’m on the bodyboard. I lay head first and I’m a f*****g predator”

Action Bronson on his new album

He goes on to say that the crocodile is not only the perfect killing machine, but also perfect for the habitat it resides in. To him, he and the crocodile are one in the same. He perfectly fits the setting he envisions on the album and fits the mold he carved out for himself in the rap game.

Bronson delivers a tightly packed 10-track album that is sure to be just want listeners are looking for. His confidence on the mic is unmatched and each song seamlessly transitions into the next, making it something listeners will want to repeat again and again the second it wraps.

Listen to ‘Cocodrill Turbo’ below!

Action Bronson’s new album ‘Cocodrill Turbo’ slated for release April 29

While it’s been two years since Action Bronson dropped his last album Only For Dolphins, it seems as though the charismatic rapper isn’t quite done wading in the waters just yet.

Announcing his new project Cocodrill Turbo with its lead single “Subzero,” Action released a statement alongside the new track — mentioning how the album came to be and how he connects with the water imagery in both the video and the project.

 “I first came up with this album while in the water. I’ve spent many lifetimes in the water. I’m just a water man. I was born in the water, I’m a water sign.”

Action Bronson on his new album ‘Cocodrill Turbo’

In the video, Bronsolini is out trying to catch a massive tidal wave. While surfing on his board, he eventually is taken out by the rough waters and winds up in an apocalyptic wasteland. He hangs on to a car driven by the track’s producer The Alchemist before returning back to sea. It’s a wild visual that fits right in with Action’s off-the-wall sense of humor and the vivid imagery found in his lyrics.

Following the album’s release date, Bronson will head on tour alongside Earl Sweatshirt, Boldy James and The Alchemist. The group will venture around the world making stops throughout the US, Canada, and later Europe on the backend of the tour.

Bronson won’t be riding solo on this new record either. Cocodrill Turbo will feature a host of guests like Conway the Machine, Roc Marciano, and others. On the production side of things, Bronson enlisted The Alchemist, Daringer, Marciano again, and, naturally, himself. Fans just have to hold out a few more weeks when Mr. Baklava’s next dish is served on April 29.

Check out the video to ‘Subzero’ by Action Bronson below!