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Baby Tate drops diverse two-pack ‘What’s Love / Sl*t Him Out’

Atlanta vocalist and dynamic rapper Baby Tate, formerly known as Yung Baby Tate, seems to wow every time she drops.

Kicking off 2022, she joined forces with JID and 21 Savage for JID’s explosive, multi-faceted single “Surround Sound.” The slick-tongued, harmoniously sung bridge by Tate was a main highlight of the track, leading in visceral verses from both her collaborators.

Now, shifting focus to her own solo work, Baby Tate’s new two-pack with “What’s Love” and “Sl*t Him Out” continue to demonstrate her vocal prowess, fascinating songwriting and stylistic versatility.

The first of the two released on Feb. 18, “What’s Love” is an emotionally-driven, melancholic cut that Baby Tate performs with gumption. Throughout the heavy R&B track, a failed fling has Baby Tate questioning whether love will ever find her.

I know you never loved me

But did you even like me?

You was so cold, treated mе ugly

And that don’t look nothing like me, baby

I thought I had it togethеr

“What’s Love” — Baby Tate

Transitioning to the next song “Sl*t Him Out,” it’s as if Baby Tate has an immediate change of heart, and is ready to brush the dirt off of her shoulders and hit the streets. “Sl*t Him Out” is a feminist club banger that is sure to inspire twerking and fun-loving antics from women who need some inspiration. The nearly-erotic song sees Baby Tate explain how she goes about sexual conquests.

I’m finna slut this n***a out (Slut him out)

I’m finna slut this n***a out (Slut him out)

I’m finna show this n***a every position in Kama Sutra (Yeah)

Finna put his big oblongata in my medulla

B*tch, I’m finna bust open wide ’cause I’m a shooter

He said “I never did this before,” well, I’m a tutor

“Sl*t Him Out” — Baby Tate

From a downtrodden, heartbroken ballad to a raunchy club banger, Baby Tate has every skill in her bag to take over R&B and hip-hop for the ladies of the future.

Check out both What’s Love” and “Sl*t Him Out” by Baby Tate below!