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Babyface Ray enlists Lonewolf for new ‘Rap Politics’ visual

Babyface Ray continues to build on the success of his chart-topping sophomore album Mob, releasing a new video for the fan-favorite “Rap Politics.”

As the leading face of one of the most explosive music scenes in recent years, Detroit’s Babyface Ray clearly has an eye for talent and an ear for unique, forward thinking production.

It should come as no surprise that for his latest video he tapped in with Lonewolf, one of the new wave’s most creative and sought-after visual creators – in addition to being a close collaborator of LUCKI’s, another Face favorite.

“Rap Politics” is more than an album cut, it’s a statement about the way Babyface Ray moves in the game – which is just as unique as his unorthodox signature sound. Throughout the track, he explains the complicated path of being a “hustler turned corporate,” and the neverending stream of admirers, executives, lawyers, and of course other rappers that come with the territory of being one of the most exciting and self-sufficient acts in the game. 

The song itself features a tough-talking Face, turning up his normally laidback style to deliver dense, hard-hitting bars – doubling down on the Texas feel of the Shawn Ferrari production with a chopped-and-screwed vocal on the hook. 

As for the video, Lonewolf has outdone himself yet again with a jam-packed visual that feels fully of the dark and gritty world of Babyface Ray. Interspersed with carefully executed photo arrays and eye-catching illustrated edits, the music video showcases Face in full rapper mode as he runs the streets, recreates the iconic Belly walk-in scene, and channels the Daisy Lane-era with paid old white guy extras to play the part of the suits trying to get him to sign his life away.

“Rap Politics” is the first video to drop since he released his album in December, and hopefully there are plenty more to come because MOB is still in heavy rotation with your favorite rappers and cool kids around the country. After going two-for-two with both of his highly regarded releases in 2022, surely Babyface Ray has more big plans in store for 2023. 

Watch Babyface Ray’s “Rap Politics” below 

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