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BabyTron does the unthinkable in new Lyrical Lemonade visual “Emperor of the Universe”

In continuation of Cole Bennett‘s “Shot on iPhone” series, BabyTron is next up with his first official Lyrical Lemonade video.

By far, when mentioning one of the future leaders of the game, it’s hard not to include BabyTron’s name. After the success of his recent project Megatron, he decided to take it a step further — linking up with Lyrical Lemonade and Cole Bennett for a fire new visual for “Emperor of the Universe.”

Keeping the game fresh, interesting and fun, BabyTron and Cole’s collaboration contains 21 different beats across 21 different locations. At almost six minutes long, BabyTron raps over current hits such as Jack Harlow‘s “Nail Tech,” Yeat‘s “Sorry Bout That” and Lil Durk‘s “What Happened To Virgil.”

On top of spinning off some modern hits, BabyTron flexes his versatility by spitting over tons of classic songs, ranging from Paul Wall‘s “Sittin’ Sidewayz”, Chris Brown‘s “Run It,” and even 2Pac‘s “California Love.” Each different beat switch introduces a new scene for the visual, and it gets crazier and crazier as it progresses. From riding carts in Target to ordering dozens of cheeseburgers from Mcdonald’s, BabyTron does it all and then some in this visual.

As for the song itself, it really showcases not only the lyrical ability that BabyTron has, but it also shows just how vast his taste in music is. At just 21-years-old, some of the songs he raps over came out over a decade ago, as BabyTron is still able to switch it up and match the vibe perfectly. For each transition, he even did his best to incorporate elements from the original song — even flipping parts of it himself, making it a sort of personal remix.

She eat me up like it’s Benihana (Brrt)

Walkin’ out, kicks say Balenciaga

Hellkitty, it do one-fifty, this is not a Honda

BabyTron during “Sorry Bout That” (Pt. 6)

One of the everlasting abilities that can extend your longevity in the game, is your ability to shift and adapt as need be. Seeing as BabyTron is already proving to the world just how versatile his pen (or freestyle ability) is, there is no doubt that he’s shooting for the stars and aiming for a long-lasting career in the rap game.

Check out the latest visual for BabyTron’s “Emperor of the Universe” below!