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Big Sean goes wild over some of 2021’s best beats in LA Leakers freestyle

There’s just something about the LA Leakers studio at Power 106 Los Angeles that brings the strongest verses out of hip-hop’s best. Just this year, rappers like Migos, Polo G, Vince Staples, J. Cole, IDK and others have blessed the LA Leakers set.

On Oct. 20, Big Sean was the latest to pay the set a visit, accompanied by his beloved friend and legendary producer Mike WiLL Made-It.

LA Leakers hosts Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk gave Sean four different beats to tackle from songs by JAY-Z, Drake, Kanye West and Nardo Wick.

To start, Big Sean rapped over JAY-Z’s 2005 song “Dear Summer,” as he spit gut-wrenchingly powerful bars about Kobe Bryant’s death and dealing with the difficult year that was 2020.

I was with Kobe last January 1st

Trapped inside a year that just can’t get no worse

Present traumatic stress got me damaged and hurt

I been in the gym trying to lift off a curse

“LA Leakers Freestyle #122” — Big Sean

Next, the hosts threw the beat from Drake’s 2021 song “Love All” featuring JAY-Z at Sean, as he passed this test with flying colors, touching on his momentous Nas collaboration.

Man, too much pain soaked up I had to spill

No wonder why I’m doin songs with Nas, I got mass appeal

A problem solver cause money and problems a package deal

“LA Leakers Freestyle #122” — Big Sean

Sean later tweeted about Nas reaching out to him after this freestyle to show love and how much he was flattered by it.

“Y’all gon’ go from Drake to ‘Ye huh?” Sean said as the beat switches to Kanye West’s 2021 massive hit “Hurricane” with Lil Baby and The Weeknd.

Mother Nature, so when I die and I’m buried, what that mean? Im going back in the womb?

Planned Parenthood couldn’t plan it, Donda had signed my advance yet

Stuck in the rooms I ain’t panic, you only good as your plan is

“LA Leakers Freestyle #122” — Big Sean

Lastly, Big Sean cleared the last hurdle in the form of Nardo Wick’s beat for his buzzing track “Who Want Smoke?,” as he ferociously spit intimidating bars about needing to come correct when you approach him.

You better clean up your energy before you come around cause I pick up on shit and absorb it

I did not come to your house to come look around

I came in that motherfucker to torch it

“LA Leakers Freestyle #122” — Big Sean

After the freestyle released, Sean took to Twitter to flex his muscles, demonstrating how great he is at his craft and calling out his haters.

Overall, it seems that Big Sean used this freestyle stage to remind rap fans that may have forgotten how skilled he is when he steps to a mic. Check out the entire freestyle below, as Sean’s performance nearly approaches nine minutes in its totality.