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Candypaint drops new single ‘Met God,’ announces long-awaited album ‘Everythang Teal’

Candypaint emerged from the shadows last week (April 22) to drop a brand new single, “Met God” — also announcing the release date of his long-awaited project, Everythang Teal, set to release on May 6.

Candypaint (the artist formerly known as Lil Candy Paint) has been a quiet staple of the underground, steadily rising since he first hit the radar in 2017. While some of his flows on “Met God” might sound deceptively simple, upon a closer listen it becomes clear that he’s actually laying down impressively thoughtful bars — packing in a number of intricate melodic flows and way more words-per-minute than one might expect.

As always, Candy finds several interesting pockets for his captivating autotune delivery that dances on the edge of rapping and singing, and constantly comes up with new ways to flex. Some examples of his creative stunting on “Met God” include the eyebrow-raising “Sims” bar on the hook and the titular, “Met God and he gave me a blessing / Told me to keep checking your checkings.”

The music video for “Met God” is a good example of Candy’s style: raw but polished. The fairly straightforward run-and-gun video by Maurtinez captures his unique look and elite fashion sense – taken to the next level by eye-catching VFX edits by NoFaced — perfectly choreographed with the song’s interesting multi-layered production.

While operating in a world of his own, Candypaint is not exactly a newcomer to the scene. He first gained traction in 2017, building a following on SoundCloud and social media off the back of the success of early hits like “Internet Thug” — drawing attention with his experimental sound developed alongside frequent collaborator and fellow underground legend, Duwap Kaine.

Ever since, he’s gradually grown a loyal following and built a reputation as a forward-thinking underground powerhouse. He honed his diverse sound and uniquely thoughtful approach across impressive projects like Over Come Anything in 2019 (where OCA comes from) and Everythang Purple in 2020. Across these projects, he separates himself from the pack with his distinctly cool approach to rapping, singing and putting songs together across a wide range of popular underground sounds — as well as an unusual vulnerability that comes across in his music and online persona.

While he has shown that he can do it all, from rap to rage to pluggnb, some of his most popular songs are his most turned-down and introspective. Tracks like “Raining,” “Sad Story” and “22” — the last of which exploded into an unlikely viral hit after the pleasantly surprising remix featuring Bhad Bhabie — all caught fire on TikTok in 2021

“Met God” is the first look at the long-awaited Everything Teal, and all signs point to Mr. Everythang putting his persona on full display once more.

Watch “Met God” below!