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DC The Don sends doubters a message with ‘Stop Hating’

DC The Don is thriving, continuing to stifle haters on his new single “Stop Hating” (July 13).

As part of Donny’s forthcoming FUNERAL deluxe, “Stop Hating” sees the fan-voted 2023 XXL Freshman spit flames over transporting, triumphant production. Deterring those who doubted him on his ascent to stardom, the synth-twinkling, horn-heavy beat showcases a pocket the new wave star regularly resides in, however, has strayed away from on his pop-heavy album, FUNERAL.

“Who brought the fire out?

B*tch, you teed up on a muhf*cking Monday,

My young n****s still going viral.”


Hopping back in his rap bag, “Stop Hating” is a call to arms for Donny, whose blazing bars translate exceedingly well in the Fast & Furious-esque visual. Speeding off in a fast car, as he says in FUNERAL’s second single “12AM,” DC’s black puffer jacket whips in the wind as he hangs out the window.

Amid performances at Summer Smash, Rolling Loud and his inclusion on $NOT’s “Get Busy Or Die” tour, DC has alluded to a total of four upcoming projects since FUNERAL dropped in May. The Milwaukee-born rapper listed potential records in Stop Being So Nice, The Rumors Are True, WISCONSIN and his “next album” REBIRTH, which he tweeted out earlier this week (July 12).

Whatever’s next on Donny’s docket, his post-FUNERAL era has already breathed new life into his sound.

Watch “STOP HATING” below!

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