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DC The Don relives long nights on ’12AM’ ahead of ‘FUNERAL’

Apparent on the SoundCloud-only “warm up” to FUNERAL, a new era is upon DC The Don. His forthcoming album was led in by two polar opposite singles, “Hate Being Lonely” (April 7) and “12AM” (April 21).

The Milwaukee-raised artist, whose FUNERAL is scheduled for May 5, has triumphantly unlocked a dramatic, exciting side to his sound, drawing greater excitement for the LP by sharing its tracklist and drop date on a t-shirt during a recent show.

As if “12AM’s” propulsing drum pattern, similar to The Weeknd and Drake’s “Crew Love,” wasn’t cause for a double take, Donny impresses wholeheartedly on the midnight rage mashup. “12 in the morning, I’m out when you want me,” he shrills over a sinister, minimalistic piano — sounding as if he’s spinning a villain origin story with tales of skirting off in a GLE and a Ferrari. “This shit’s too scary, I don’t care about where they bury me,” painting a jump scare plot twist amid bewildering nights out on the road.

Known for his dynamic vocals and ability to tap-dance in between genres with ease, Donny’s creative pocket on “Hate Being Lonely” is inimitably sound. “Tell me what you need when you want me / too drunk, now you hate bein’ lonely,” he croons on the hook, seemingly sending listeners to a prom night escapade that leads to flashing lights in the rearview.

In this scenario, though, Donny juggles the thrashes and throes of a love triangle, navigating the party to a final calculation, assuring his lover(s) doesn’t catch him with the other. In the end, it blows up in his face, not only alluding to their hatred of “being lonely,” but also his own. It’s a catchy, alt-pop cut that’s piques the interest of die-hard fans and mainstream gatekeepers — a feat DC The Don has not yet captured, but so rightfully deserves.

Only days from FUNERAL’s release, “12AM” and “Hate Being Lonely” sees Donny at his most polished and creative, ultimately making the music best suited for an artistic elevation. This further applies pressure for DC’s (hopeful) inclusion on XXL’s 2023 Freshman List and his first-ever set at Rolling Loud Miami — also joining $NOT and Eem Triplin on their “Get Busy Or Die Tour” this summer.

Even bringing DC DAHMER (2018) and Sacred Heart (December 2022) to all streaming platforms, DC The Don seemingly knows the moment that awaits him. Sometimes new beginnings start at a FUNERAL.

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