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DC The Don drops ‘warm up’ to ‘FUNERAL’ with trio of SoundCloud singles

“This is where it begins,” DC The Don tweeted out last week (March 23), alluding that his long-teased album FUNERAL is inching closer by the day.

The MOW3 talent not only shared “Crystal Castles” on Friday (March 24), but quickly followed up the SoundCloud exclusive with “Smashing Pumpkins” (March 25), “FOUND YOU” (March 26) and the announcement of “Hate Being Lonely.” Although these cuts won’t make it onto FUNERAL due to clearance issues, “Hate Being Lonely” (out April 7) is poised to be its true lead single. As the “warm up” to FUNERAL, Donny’s new trio of tracks further preps fans for the long-teased LP later this year.

“Crystal Castles” is not only a reference to the popular alt-electronic duo of the same name, but sees the Rostrum Records mainstay outwardly play into his genre-bending strengths. Euphoric, icy melodies transform into staccato synths as Donny’s ability to glide over the track — rapping about “Marni on me” among other things — creates a unique energy only he can curate. A warm up for FUNERAL? More like a glacial excursion, as Donny melts hearts in what feels like an electronic wasteland — never ceasing to miss.

As promised, Donny dropped his second track of the weekend in “Smashing Pumpkins” 24 hours later. Interpolating a guitar progression that emulates the legendary rock band, the LA-based rapper lets his vocals shine brightest on this emo-rap banger — angstly crooning in between hard-hitting bars that are just a sample of what’s to come on FUNERAL. His ad-libs are perhaps the most captivating, merging gorgeous falsetto sing-rapping with a scorching fast-paced flow.

“FOUND YOU” rounded out the “just for fun” EP Sunday at midnight (March 26). The track features another sample-clad melody that intertwines Stephen Sanchez’s viral folk-pop sonnet “Until I Found You” — one of the most popular sounds on TikTok at the time. Contemplative electric guitars float beneath bouncy trap percussion, with Donny’s melody-laced bars bringing forth feelings of nostalgia while flexing the “Icebox on my wrist,” among other designer. “It took a long time for a n***a to feel like this,” he raps on the hook, as the beautiful high-pitched sample feels like fleeting love that Donny drowns out with new Cartier, Rick boots and a coupe McLaren.

DC has been feeding fans all year long in anticipation of his next album. Dropping his previous studio album My Own Worst 3nemy in February 2022, singles in “HATE IT OR LOVE IT,” “Suicide” with midwxst, “Zombieland,” “ALL I KNOW” and “Poison” have held fans over in anticipation of FUNERAL. Aside from a handful of high-velocity cuts, he brought two mixtapes to digital streaming platforms in 2023, one being his Christmas Day tape SACRED HEART, and the other his beloved 2018 project, DC DAHMER, on March 17.

Planning his FUNERAL later this year, DC has never felt more alive in the meantime.

Listen to the EP below!

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