DC The Don builds toward ‘Funeral’ with new single ‘All I Know’

Although DC The Don had been teasing a MOW3 deluxe and an album titled Stop Being So Nice all summer, it seems that his next major move will be to drop his highly-anticipated Funeral project.

In his most recent effort to roll out his third studio album, Donny dropped his latest promotional single “All I Know” on Nov. 18.

Full of his patented crooned melodies and lyrics about his vices like cash, chains and cars, it’s clear that Donny’s self-awareness on the track could foreshadow the demise of his alter-ego Rage Kidd. Constantly prepping his fans for the Rage Kidd funeral for the past couple months, “All I Know” is another reminder of the lustful life DC could be purging on the album, even though it sounds so harmonious and catchy.

In the week leading up to this release, Donny posted a trailer for Funeral, which shows footage from the “All I Know” visuals where he’s attending his own funeral and tossing a rose at his own casket. Although we have not been given a release date or track list for the LP yet, it’s arrival seems imminent.

In October, the fourth single he dropped since My Own Worst Enemy in February came in the form of “Suicide” featuring midwxst. The song released around five months after he linked with midwxst and Dro Kenji for a now-iconic image.

Donny and Kenji had already gotten their work in this year, as DC was featured on Dro’s recent cut “SO WHAT” from ANYWHERE BUT HERE, an album that also included “ALONE” with midwxst. So, the only collaboration missing from this trio in 2022 was “Suicide,” a thrilling promotional single for Funeral.

As their second collaboration, with 2021’s “No Smoke” being their first, “Suicide” sees the duo go in a much different direction than their prior joint song. Swapping out a fiery rage beat for a softer, guitar-driven, melodic instrumental, DC and midwxst make it evident that they’re both versatile enough to excel in multiple lanes.

With the first two verses and first two renditions of the “feel like I’ve been waitin’ all my f**kin’ whole life to be your lifeline” hook, DC shows masterful control over the hyper-pop inspired beat. Leaving his desired lover with an ultimatum that it’s him or nothing, Donny’s passionate crooning about not wanting a “bloody summer” makes the stakes feel real.

On his singular verse on the track, midwxst sings the same tune as Donny, letting pessimism takeover while he thinks about his tumultuous love affair.

Tryna get the happy ending, but I know it’s fiction

You can try to talk to me, but you know I won’t listen

Got a lot of problems, and I know they need some fixing

“Suicide” — DC The Don & midwxst

Simultaneously with the release of “Suicide,” Donny took to Twitter to tease fans more about Funeral, which he calls a “masterpiece” that is “better than anything I’ve heard this year.”

Even though we are still awaiting more information regarding the highly anticipated project, recent singles like “All I Know,” “Suicide” and “Zombieland” have paved the way for Donny’s predictions to be true.

Check out DC The Don’s latest single below!


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