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‘Doritos & Fritos,’ Danny Devito, Mosquito, doesn’t matter… ‘10000 Gecs’ on the way

As genres continues to broaden and meld into one another, fans become more accustomed and open-minded when listening to something that goes against the norm.

Recently, there’s been plenty of genre clashes within hip-hop’s soundscape — making for a variety of sub-sounds in emo-rap, hyperpop, punk, rage, UK drill, screamo; the list seems endless.

Genereless duo 100 Gecs was a key factor in pioneering hip-hop’s use of glitchy computer-laden melodies for an entirely new wave of artists. Their unique act is a hodgepodge of influences — majorly impressing listeners that take influence from EDM, pop and hip-hop.

The duo started to gain traction with their 10-track debut album, 1000 gecs, in 2019. The project would go on to earn plenty of praise and one year after its relesse, the duo did the unthinkable and remixed the same project titled 1000 gecs and The Tree of Clues, which added an additional nine tracks. The project featured superstar artists like Charli XCX and Rico Nasty as Gecs continued to climb in popularity.

While 100 Gecs was awfully quiet in 2021 — only releasing one track in November titled “mememe” — the pair is back to deliver their first single of 2022 in “Doritos & Fritos.” Their latest cuts stands as their second release off their upcoming project 10000 Gecs, which is set to release sometime this year.

“Doritos & Fritos” is yet another genre-clashing track that touches multiple influences and makes for a crazy/exciting experience. The song kicks off with a barrage of distorted guitar sounds which are later joined by some fast-paced drums and vocals that hold frivolously blunt lyrics and a ear-wormed melody.

Okay I went to France to get some new pants (Ooh!)

I went to Greece to get something to eat (Ooh!)

He said “Shit, all we got’s Doritos and Fritos”

I said, “Then give me all of those fucking Doritos and Fritos

100 Gecs – “Doritos & Fritos”

As fans become familiar with the track‘s catchy lyrics and distinct melody, they will be able to sing along with hyperpop’s crowned kings as they’re set to perform this weekend at Coachella.

While it’s been quite some time since 100 Gecs delivered a full-length project, expect their new project 10000 Gecs to have more “Gecs” than ever before.

For now, run up “Fritos & Doritos” below!