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Drake confirms ‘Certified Lover Boy’s’ release by summer’s end

Drake New Album: In a recent interview, Drizzy nonchalantly reassures that his long-awaited album’s release is approaching.

Back in October, Drake officially announced his newest studio album Certified Lover Boy would drop in January 2021. Drake’s sixth album would be accompanied with a new haircut, a Nike merch collection and a mass quenching of unrivaled thirst from fans for new solo Drake music.

Since his last album, Drake has actually released two projects. However, neither of them are the official albums fans have been yearning for. He released Care Package in 2019, which is a collection of loose songs of his that never made it to streaming platforms or any of his albums — which most of those songs fans had already heard. Then in 2020, Drake released Dark Lane Demo Tapes, a mixtape including songs that had been teased prior like “Landed” or “Pain 1993 (feat. Playboi Carti)” or even released like “War” and “Chicago Freestyle (feat. GIVĒON).”

While these projects gave fans a dose of Drake, it wasn’t what they had been anticipating. Certified Lover Boy was the project fans were craving.

Cleveland Browns football star Odell Beckham Jr. appeared to leak a release date for the album (Jan. 1) on Instagram. That claim, however, was quickly thwarted.

When January finally rolled around, Drake decided to delay the album, attributing it to his recovery from tearing his ACL.

Now, fans were left hopeless looking for answers of when the album would come. Drake continued to go about his business as the world holds its breath in anticipation.

Over the weekend, Drake attended a rap battle event where he chimed in on Certified Lover Boy’s release.

In the video he mentions that the album will be out by the end of the summer. Drake has roughly about two months for that statement to be true, but this album has seen delays already. Only time will tell if Drake means what he says.

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