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Drakeo the Ruler ‘Keeps the Truth Alive,’ climbs charts with new posthumous album

In a bittersweet moment for fans and friends, Drakeo the Ruler’s new album, Keep the Truth Alive, dropped this week – already climbing to No. 6 on the Apple Music charts.

With his first posthumous release following his tragic passing last year at just 28 years old, Ralfy the Plug and the rest of the Stinc Team look to Keep the Truth Alive as they continue to carry the torch and celebrate the life and impact of Drakeo the Ruler, undeniably one of the West Coast’s most prominent figures in recent years.

During his tenure as one of the most original and compelling acts out of the west, Drakeo pioneered his own distinct brand of west coast rap. In the midst of fighting (and eventually overcoming) serious, punishable by life charges over the course of several years, he captured the public’s imagination with his addicting and totally unique style.

Combining his understated, barely-awake delivery with dense, wordy bars and fiercely irreverent street talk, he outlines in vivid detail the treacherous path of a tough-talking, non-affiliated LA street rapper who refuses back down. Just last year, he properly arrived on the national stage following the co-sign of all co-signs when Drake joined him on “Talk to Me” off his last album, The Truth Hurts.

On the new album, Keep the Truth Alive, fans are treated to a new batch of songs featuring Drakeo at his best, popping it just as much as ever as he glides over eerie west coast production with that unmistakable rasp and laidback flow. With just two features from his blood brother and right-hand man Ralfy the Plug, and five separate skits pulled from classic IG live sessions, the tape truly feels like a carefully constructed celebration of Drakeo and the thoughtful sendoff he deserves.

Ralfy, who organized the project, took to Twitter to celebrate the early success of its release and current spot nearly on top of the Apple Music charts – and reminding fans that it was all done independently in his Instagram caption.

While the loss of Drakeo the Ruler is beyond tragic, the early success of Keep the Truth Alive shows that his legacy is alive and well — not to mention in good hands as Ralfy and OTM continue to carry the Stinc Team torch.

Long Live Drakeo The Ruler and Long Live Ketchy the Great.

Listen to Drakeo the Ruler’s Keep the Truth Alive below