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E the Profit is ballin on his new single ‘And 1’

Building momentum with a slew of motivational singles, Kentucky rapper E the Profit has yet to miss with his charismatic cadences and ear-catching bars.

On a path to make a name for himself, E has proven time and time again that he is undefeated when it comes to making groovy pregame anthems. Consistency is key as he continues this trend with his latest homage to a legendary basketball brand, “And 1.”

“I just touched down on a bitch, what’s good

Had to spend a check for the checks on foot

Got a little text from my ex, I’m good

Niggas tryna act foul, knock ‘em down, AND1”

E the Profit

E turns the charisma up to the max as he slides on a bouncy instrumental crafted by his go-to producer Rocco Roy, basking in his recent success as he rides his newest wave of popularity after hitting a few milestones back-to-back.

Joining OGM for an interview earlier this year, E the Profit discussed his first major collaboration, “Afford Me” with Dro Kenji, as well as his process when it comes to his unique style of music coming from Louisville. His lyrical ability is top-tier in his class, with an emphasis on bars over melodies as he channels his prior experience as an athlete.

Coming off the release of his sophomore album, 2 Effortless, the young star has been steadily ramping up the releases on his way to his third full-length drop. The Kentucky up-and-comer is due for his spot in the limelight soon, so keep an eye out for more material coming from him in the near future.

Check out ‘And 1’ by E the Profit below!

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