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E the Profit is on his grind with his latest single ‘S.M.P.’

Kentucky rapper E the Profit is unstoppable with his undeniable charisma, carrying over on his latest single, “S.M.P.

As fans eagerly await the energetic rapper’s upcoming album, his latest string of singles have been holding them down in the meantime as he puts the finishing touches on his next project.

E brings it back to a familiar atmosphere with this track, tapping his go-to producer Rocco for a moody instrumental that mainly consists of a groovy baseline and a spacey xylophone melody. “S.M.P.” stands for “stack my papers,” referencing E’s motivation to continue dropping music and representing his city as well as encouraging the listener to get their money up.

This single comes on the heels of E’s first drop this year, “Pull Up,” which taps into a more ethereal feeling for an effortlessly elegant single. Just over a year ago, E put out his last album 2 Effortless, a featureless testament to E’s potential going forward. Single after single since then has pushed his agenda even further, showcasing his skill for both newfound fans and his day ones.

With so much momentum building after each single drop, E is sure to capitalize soon with the full-length project his fans have been awaiting. Keep up with E the Profit’s journey as he continues to put on for KY and resumes his path to stardom.

Check out E the Profit’s latest single “S.M.P.” below!

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