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EST Gee drops new high energy video for ‘Jumpout Gang’

Fresh off the release of the deluxe version for Bigger than Life or Death, Part 2, Louisville rapper EST Gee shares his latest video for “Jumpout Gang.” The newly-dropped visual features the rising artist showing off his chains, hanging around his crew, and flaunting cash to the camera.

Directed by Diesel Films, the dizzying visual quickly cuts from one moment, focused on its star, to the next as he raps the high-energy track. It moves at such a fast and frequent pace it’s hard to catch everything as it happens. However, the rapid movement of the camera and editing work does mean that fans would want to watch it again and again to try and catch every little detail.

Label mate 42 Dugg even makes a quick cameo appearance in the background atop one of EST Gee’s cars. In another instance, he hops into the pool and continues to flow underwater before he’s back on dry land surrounded by his crew and two high-end cars. The quick shot of him underwater is one of the most captivating moments in the video and creates an instantly memorable image.

EST Gee dropped the deluxe version of his latest album at the top of December. With growing momentum and a rising fanbase following it, there’s no way to go but up for Gee.

Listen to “Bigger than Life or Death Pt.2 by EST Gee below!