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Frank Ocean shares unreleased track ‘iceman’ in ‘blonded RADIO’ return

The inimitable Frank Ocean is best at keeping to himself — popping in and out of the spotlight whenever he pleases. Only catching glimpses of the transcendent talent throughout 2021, Ocean’s influence is still as strong as ever despite his elusive nature.

On top of founding his luxury brand HOMER, stepping out at the Met Gala with a green baby robot and briefly hopping on former Odd Future compatriot Tyler, The Creator’s Grammy-nominated album Call Me If You Get Lost, Ocean is a trove of mysterious moves that only he knows the answers to. Capping off a successful 2021, Ocean returned bearing a miracle on Christmas Day: revitalizing his beloved blonded RADIO on Apple Music.

In blonded RADIO’s first episode since Christmas 2019, the generational singer’s 33-minute show finished with a raw, unreleased song that ran for nearly nine minutes straight. The Blonde artist also tapped extreme athlete Wim “Iceman” Hof for a heartfelt monologue at the beginning of the broadcast.

Donning cover art in lieu of Iceman’s guest appearance, Ocean opened up about a conversation he had with Hof in an Instagram story Saturday (Dec. 25), speaking on the grief he experienced following the tragic death of his younger brother Ryan Breaux in August 2020. Frank also explained how this new track came together in the fleeting IG post.

“Me and @iceman_hof had a conversation some time ago when I was in the earlier stages of grief and I remember marbling afterwards at how his energy blasted through the phone. So much vim in this Wim. We spoke for a while about his work, the purpose of grief and how going into the cold water changed his life. It reminded me of conversations in the studio with players I know. Freewheeling, psychedelic, emotionally charged, intelligent and generous. I enjoyed listening to him, so in this edit I just let him speak interrupted.”

Frank Ocean via IG

While Frank’s latest cut seemingly swarmed social feeds Christmas morning — sending fans into a frenzy pining for a spin — it’s still been five years since the release of his last full-length projects Endless and Blonde, offering solely singles in “DHL,” “In My Room,” “Dear April” and “Cayendo” over the course of October 2019 into April 2020.

Amid his hiatus, Frank has reportedly been shopping a new album since his appearance at the Met Gala in September, as fans continue to await for his full-focused return to music.

Frank Ocean is reportedly shopping his next project

“Iceman” can be heard at the 24-minute mark of blonded RADIO’s new episode “blonded XMAS.” Listen above on Apple Music or below!