Fulcrum is forging his own path with ‘My Way Out’ visual

Ascending to internet notoriety at an unprecedented pace, Damian Luck, also known as Fulcrum, is capitalizing on his viral fame with more music for the masses.

While he’s still in his early stages of his career, Fulcrum showcases his talent by dropping mind-bending visuals for his new self-produced banger “My Way Out,” riding the reversed, 808-heavy instrumental with relaxing melodies and a couple of his most famous catchphrases.

With co-signs from reputable content creators like Adin Ross and up-and-coming artists such as Dom Corleo, Fulcrum has created a brand of 4/20-friendly positivity — playing off a tried-and-true formula of smoking in public with a magnetic personality that makes store owners hesitate to kick him out.

Coining phrases like “faded than a ho” and “Yodie Land,” his natural charisma has led to a rapidly-growing movement, creating the perfect fanbase for his new single. Visuals for the track closely resemble his usual releases but with additional psychedelic effects courtesy of Very Rare Cinema, who also dropped the video on their channel.

“Somewhere inside Yodieland

Blowing pack all kind of strands

And there is no going back

All I do is count up cash

Put it inside Ksubi pants

Or inside the Acne bag”

Fulcrum — “My Way Out”

The track originally dropped almost exactly one year ago (Nov. 26, 2021), giving “My Way Out” a revival with the release ths music video. Previously, the “Yodie Gang” creator-rapper put out two other singles, all garnering a surprising number of plays considering he doesn’t market himself as a rapper. He sits at 24,000 Spotify monthly listeners touting just three tracks in his discography.

As Fulcrum transitions his success on YouTube to Spotify and Apple Music, his hard work is paying off all at once. Though it’s doubtful he will detour from his journey as a YouTuber, it is refreshing to see a content creator use his platform to spread positivity using both visuals and music.

Check out ‘My Way Out’ by Fulcrum below!


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