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Gucci Mane responds to NBA YoungBoy on ‘Publicity Stunt’

NBA YoungBoy has been on a rampage as of late, starting beef with multiple artists and bystanders in his ongoing conflict with Lil Durk and his OTF imprint. One such victim of YB’s animosity is none other than Gucci Mane, one of YoungBoy’s former idols.

Wop took to streaming services this week to retaliate against shots from “I Hate YoungBoy” where YoungBoy claimed Gucci keeps bad company.

“Used to fuck with Gucci ’til I seen he like them pussy niggas”

NBA YoungBoy — “I Hate YoungBoy”

This disagreement most likely stems from the 1017 CEO’s recent single “Rumors” featuring Durk, one of Wop’s most popular songs recently.

Despite calming down since his old antics, Gucci has never been one to take shots laying down as he returns fire on “Publicity Stunt.”

“Why you diss me for publicity nigga? (Huh?)

Is you in the streets or a industry nigga? (Well damn)

Is you my fan or my enemy, nigga?

My money too grown to be kiddin’ with niggas (It’s long)”

Gucci Mane — “Publicity Stunt”

With a sinister piano loop and booming 808s, the ferocious instrumental backs Gucci as he airs his grievances with YB. Wop reminds fans why he is still relevant after all these years with bar after bar of straight heat.

With Gucci Mane now standing with Durk in this conflict, YoungBoy has alienated one of his most influential friends in the hip-hop industry. Despite having recent collaborations with Birdman and DaBaby, neither has claimed outright support for his side.

Hopefully this disagreement stays in the music as more players come in the mix. Regardless, “Publicity Stunt” is a cautionary tale for anyone who wants to see if Gucci Mane still has it.

Check out “Publicity Stunt” by Gucci Mane below!