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JID brings family together in new ‘Kody Blu 31’ music video

The Forever Story, JID‘s latest masterful, AOTY contending LP, tells a multi-faceted narrative about not only the cyclical nature of suffering, but the healing process he and his family have undergone. All across the album, JID preaches perseverance through struggle and appreciation of things that can be taken for granted such as bologna sandwiches — rapped in “Money”.

On Sept. 1, all these sentiments culminated visually in the music video for TFS‘ seventh song “Kody Blu 31,” as he brings most of his siblings and his two parents together to emulate their first cookout after moving into a new house.

“Kody Blu 31” sees JID leave behind a message of inspiration for a family he’s acquainted with, who lost their son at a young age. With wonderfully sung lyrics like “You know it rains for somethin’, you know the pain’s for somethin'” and “Get your back up off the ropes, keep swangin’ on,” JID makes it clear that he and his family empathize with adverse circumstance and even have trouble themselves with moving forward.

But, at the end of the video, JID and his family line up for a family portrait, symbolic of how they still stand and lock arms with each other in love, after all the challenges they’ve endured in their lives.

“Kody Blu 31” is the third song on TFS to receive the music video treatment, after the album’s two promotional singles “Surround Sound,” which went Gold this week, and “Dance Now.” If JID continues to deliver simple, yet touching visuals like these, it will surely make The Forever Story one of the most quality releases and rollouts of the year.

Check out the “Kody Blu 31” music video below!