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Johan Lenox admits his flaws on ‘I’m A Mess’ with Lancey Foux

Award-winning composer-singer Johan Lenox is continuing his streak of hip-hop collaborations with yet another beautiful single.

Recruiting rising underground sensation Lancey Foux on “I’m A Mess,” both Foux and Lenox are a tantalizing team when working together.

Johan brings his signature orchestral composition to back Lancey’s undeniably catchy melodies and irreplaceable swagger. Crooning the song title repeatedly as the hook, the classically-trained artist uses his luxurious production to complement lyrics about self-doubt and manic enthusiasm.

“Don’t call a cop, but it’s a crisis

Don’t know how to stop when it’s the nice shit

Slurring my words and I don’t hide it

I don’t mind it, I kind of like it

I talk with my hands, yeah, I’m a handful

Knocking down glasses like an asshole

You know I’m a hazard on the dancefloor, better be careful

Am I killing it? No

But am I growing? I been learning shit? Also no

Johan Lenox — “I’m A Mess”

Lancey contrasts the first verse with his gritty autotune and intoxicating bars about his flaws. The duo add an ethereal quality to an equally atmospheric instrumental, conjuring beauty from their insecurities.

Visuals for the track depict both artists in flashy settings, contrary to the contemplative nature of the track. At the end of the video, Johan is seen talking to a friend who advises him that he is living too recklessly, a reminder for both him and his listeners that everyone needs a break at some point.

It seems like fans will be receiving another project from Lenox this year as he drops single after single. His latest release was “No One Gets Me” featuring country-rap star RMR, an equally soulful track with inspiring visuals.

Johan tapped a star-studded cast for his 2021 album World On Fire, enlisting Young Nudy, KEY!, Yung Pinch, Landon Cube, Lil Keed and more for the 11-track project. With a follow-up on the way, fans will be standing by to see what he has in store.

Check out “I’m A Mess” by Johan Lenox and Lancey Foux below!