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Joji blows all doubt to ‘SMITHEREENS’ on new album

Japan-born singer/songwriter Joji is one of the most impactful voices in alt-pop, bending genres with his haunting melodies and soothing vocals.

His undeniable consistency is apparent on his fourth studio album, SMITHEREENS, picking up the mic for the first time in two years to drop an immersive piece exploring his vulnerabilities and ego.

Joji’s impeccable crooning and introspective subject matter have given him a reputation that justified his two-year hiatus as he comes back in full form.

Featuring the melancholy single “Glimpse of Us” and a more uptempo follow-up “YUKON (INTERLUDE),” his most recent offering houses a variety of sounds and styles that all blend cohesively, from uptempo dance music to gut-wrenching ballads.

Accompanying the project, Joji put out visuals for a sorrowful single titled “Die For You,” detailing the never ending appreciation for former lovers. Using simple scenery to convey larger emotions, Joji proves once again why he manages to stay relevant despite his sporadic appearances.

Recently, the 88Rising signee took a trip around the US to promote his project, with a few Europe shows scheduled in the coming months.

His previous album, Nectar, took a more mainstream route, garnering features from the likes of Omar Apollo and Lil Yachty. In comparison, SMITHEREENS is a deeper peak into the same emotions that Joji has tapped into previously, translating his feelings into relatable lyrics with ease.

Hopefully Joni’s next break is a little shorter than two years, although, he has given us plenty to enjoy with his newest project.

Check out ‘SMITHEREENS’ by Joji below!