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Lil Yachty teases next album: ‘It’s mastered and done’

Photo courtesy of Lil Yachty on IG

While Lil Yachty has yet to drop any new projects this year, it seems that Atlanta’s bubbly trap star might be gracing audiences with a new album.

Despite the musical gap, Yachty has been busy and living life on his own terms. Whether it be flying on Air Drake or sporting stylistically attentive fits on Instagram, he’s still patiently waiting to drop his next project — teasing the LP in an new interview with Complex.

My album is done. It’s mastered and done. When you’ll get it, I don’t f*cking know. My date has been pushed back like five times. The disappointing thing is that it probably won’t be on this side of the year unfortunately.

Lil Yachty to Complex

Following last year’s BIRTHDAY MIX 6 EP and 2021’s criminally underrated Michigan Boy Boat mixtape — where Yachty shined a light on Michigan’s blooming rap scene — the Quality Control artist hasn’t been musically active much this year. But that’s not to say that he hasn’t been busy, with a multitude of brand collaborations and even his own signature pizza brand, with “Yachty’s Pizzeria” pies popping up in Walmart stores around the country.

While it may be disappointing to hear that we probably won’t get an EP or mixtape from Yachty this year, it’s also a perfect time to revisit some of his earlier projects like Lil Boat 2 and Michigan Boy Boat to see the true artistic range that Yachty possesses.

From 2016’s “Minnesota” to 2020’s “Flex Up,” you can really hear how he has dynamically adapted his cartoonish appeal to reach a fine balance between character and caricature. You just can’t box him in — evident on his latest appearance with Internet Money.

With this in mind, it looks like his next anticipated album is going to further that message even more.

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