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Juice WRLD forever immortalized with new album, documentary

Jarad Higgins’ memory will seemingly last longer than a lifetime in the hearts of hip-hop fans.

Not only did Juice WRLD spend his time on Earth crafting his own sound and influencing a new wave of artists, but he inspired an entire generation to accept their feelings with honesty — no matter how harsh that truth is.

However, amid the uplifting undertones Juice portrayed in his music — and his brand 999 — his vices ultimately plagued him until the very end. Yet, the positive impact he left will always remain in tune with the culture, as Juice WRLD was truly a once in a lifetime kind of artist — leaving us as a rockstar in his prime.

With Dec. 9 being declared Juice WRLD Day in his hometown of Chicago — where Juice’s Fighting Demons was officially released — Lil Bibby and Grade A Productions honored the emo-rap legend’s long-lasting legacy to the highest regard.

On his 23rd birthday (Dec. 2), Juice’s mother Carmela Wallace shared a heartfelt message about her son, as fans showed an outpour of memories and moments from the fallen icon on the anniversary of his death (Dec. 8).

With an overwhelming slew of Juice news after months of confusion and delays, fans are more than happy that Fighting Demons continued the legacy of one of our generation’s eternal voices.

Listen to “Fighting Demons” below!

Juice WRLD’s rolls out ‘Fighting Demons’ with lead single ‘Already Dead’

The wait is over new Juice WRLD is finally here.

Jarad Higgins’ impact in the music industry and the culture surrounding it has been universally felt amongst our generation, as the Chicago native’s legacy is set to be told in two ways this winter.

In a new teaser video posted Thursday (Nov. 10), his long-awaited second posthumous album Fighting Demons is prepped for release Dec. 10 — nearly a week after his 23rd birthday. His upcoming documentary Into The Abyss drops on HBO Max six days later on Dec. 16.

“There was nothing Jarad ‘Juice WRLD’ Higgins enjoyed more than delivering new music to his millions of fans around the world. He left behind an astonishingly deep catalog of music that will ensure his fans will have new songs to listen to for years to come. Jarad was always searingly honest about his struggles and through his musical genius he articulated what was on his heart and mind vividly through his art. He never gave up and his friends and family never gave up on offering their support to him. Today we announce a new album ‘Fighting Demons’ out Dec 10th. We encourage all of you who struggle with addiction and mental health to never give up the fight. We continue to extend free support to you via created in his honor.”

Carmela Wallace, Juice WRLD’s mother, in a new statement

In light of Fighting Demons’ impending release, Juice’s team dropped off the album’s lead single in “Already Dead,” as Juice posthumously croons about feeling dead while living. It’s another heartbreaking, honest and introspective view into the world Juice resided in — full of addiction, overthinking, and a glimmer of hope amid the severity of his vices. Tackling mental health issues head-on, the Juice still manages to empower listeners to rise above their struggle amid the chaos surrounding him.

Despite Juice WRLD’s bittersweet motifs in “Already Dead,” fans are elated to see the track officially released on streaming platforms. Commonly referred to as a grail in the Juice community, the forthcoming rollout of Fighting Demons could very well contain many beloved grails from his endless unreleased archive. As the “WRLD” holds their breaths for Juice’s upcoming album and documentary, “Already Dead” is yet another jarring, eye-opening look into the mind of Jaras Higgins.

Listen to Juice WRLD’s new single “Already Dead” below!

Juice WRLD’s team announces HBO documentary, new single ‘Already Dead’

Constant edits and ceaseless leaking have plagued Lil Bibby and Grade A’s rollout of Juice WRLD’s second posthumous LP.

After many attempts to release the formerly-named The Party Never Ends, Bibby has since gone back on the album’s original plan — saying he had to “change everything” in an Instagram live last month. This included scrapping the album’s title, reconfiguring the tracklist and moving its release date to complement the Juice WRLD HBO documentary.

A few weeks ago, Bibby tweeted that Juice’s next single “Already Dead” would release on Nov. 12, also divulging that his long-awaited project reportedly would be titled “Fighting Demons” — an homage to the Legends Never Die track. Bibby’s label Grade A Productions confirmed its release Tuesday (Nov. 9), sharing the cover art and release date slated for this weekend.

For Juice fans, this announcement comes with mixed emotions, and rightfully so. With never-ending ploys to release posthumous work, Bibby and Grade A have yet to deliver on any of their promises thus far. However, dealing with leaks have been the pitfall for both the label and the fans. “Already Dead” was reportedly leaked within a few hours of Bibby’s initial announcement, yet, it is nowhere to be found on third-party streaming platforms.

Juice WRLD’s HBO Documentary ‘Into The Abyss’ wins award at AFI Film Festival

This news comes one week after HBO announced their new film documentary series, as Juice WRLD’s highly-anticipated biopic Into The Abyss is set to premiere on Dec. 16.

Here’s hoping fans get the new Juice they’ve been waiting for this time around.

Lil Bibby speaks on Juice WRLD documentary premiere rumors

Just a few weeks after Lil Bibby took to Instagram to explain to fans why he was postponing — and completely changing — Juice WRLD’s next posthumous album, it seems as though there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

According to unconfirmed sources, rumors are floating around that Juice WRLD’s HBO exclusive documentary will premiere at this year’s AFI Film Festival Nov. 10-14 in Los Angeles.

While these claims have yet to be confirmed from Grade A or Juice’s team, Bibby has previously stated that the album will drop alongside the documentary release. Close friends and fans of Juice WRLD have been patiently waiting how his legacy will be portrayed on screen, as Ski Mask The Slump God, Cole Bennett and others joined Adin Ross’ stream over the summer to discuss the matter.

Bibby, in fact, saw the news circulating Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 13) — displaying his frustration stemming from the ceaseless leaking of Juice’s music over the past two years.

The more this Juice WRLD situation goes on, the more it feels like a push and pull between the label and the fans. In the end, however, the label is doing their best to leave a proper legacy in Juice’s name. It seems more plausible that Grade A will keep its promise on releasing it exclusively with HBO, probably around the anniversary of his death (Dec. 8) and birthday (Dec. 2).

While fans are insatiable for more Juice music, patience remains a virtue in this process.

This story will be updated.

Juice WRLD’s second posthumous album postponed until HBO documentary airs

After another New Music Friday came and went, fans were disappointed to see that Juice WRLD’s lead single off his upcoming LP, The Party Never Ends, was nowhere to be found.

With no official announcement or inkling to the track, its hype was built from pure hope that Grade A would fulfill their promise to the Juice community. Sadly, it didn’t work out that way.

So, why the long wait? Why are things taking longer than what the label has said previously?

To put it in perspective, Grade A is gunning to portray Juice in the best light — and even if they aren’t fully transparent, they don’t necessarily have to be. What goes on behind closed doors to properly promote and curate an album for an artist who is no longer with us is certainly a tall order to fulfill. But, this months-long cycle of announcing singles, album teasing and promos — all for it to be delayed — leaves a sour taste in the mouths of Juice fans. It seems like the community is more unhappy with the label’s management of the rollout than not receiving any new music.

With all this in mind, Grade A seems to be striving for perfection for the fallen icon, and you can’t blame them for that — especially when it involves one of the most influential artists of our generation.

Bibby took to IG Live Sept. 24 to address the rumors regarding the single, as well as new plans for the album to coincide with Juice WRLD’s HBO Documentary. Needless to say, Juice fans weren’t happy with this news.

The Party Never Ends will also be renamed and will consist of a completely new tracklist put together by the Grade A team. According to Bibby, Ally Lotti was not involved in the tracklist’s sequencing.

Things always don’t work out perfectly, and TPNE doesn’t need to be a perfect album by any means. More importantly, the focal point of the rollout is navigating the legacy of Juice WRLD. Yet, it is caught in a delicate balance — as Jarad Higgins has no control or say in how he wants to release this chapter of his discography.

Coincidentally, this puts all eyes on the future release of the exclusive HBO documentary announced back in June. Until more news comes to light or an official release date emerges, check below for everything you need to know regarding TPNE up until this point.

Juice WRLD’s ‘TPNE’ lead single sees more delays

Lil Bibby and Grade A haven’t only pushed back the release date for Juice WRLD’s second posthumous album The Party Never Ends, but have been unusually quiet throughout its expected rollout this summer.

Initially teasing a trailer for the project in early July, things went silent within the Juice WRLD community, as fans continued to flood IG comments to post about the label’s lack of communication.

In all truth, the rampant leaking of Juice’s music — along with TPNE’s scheduled lead single — continued to cause delays.

However, there’s finally hope in sight, as Bibby took to Twitter to announce the date of TPNE’s first single Sept. 4. While originally slated for a Sept. 17 release, an “error” caused the single to be pushed back another week. Now reported to drop on Sept. 24, Juice fans hold their breaths once more as they await for an official single from the Grade A team.

There is currently no information as to what song they’re planning for release, as the announcement also comes after Juice WRLD’s posthumous appearance on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy.

Before Bibby’s tweet, Juice’s manager Peter Jideonwo let fans know on Aug. 27 that Grade A would be dropping the track’s release date. Now, things seem to be going according to plan, all in hopes that TPNE hits digital streaming platforms on time this time around.

As The Party Never Ends looms closer, fans will finally hear from one of our generation’s fallen icons soon enough.

Juice WRLD’s team drops new teaser for ‘The Party Never Ends’

Days after Lil Bibby revealed that Juice WRLD’s The Party Never Ends would be split into three parts, his team shed more light on the late-rapper’s second posthumous album July 8.

As fans ravenously wait for this uncharted era in Juice’s discography, a new trailer depicting Juice WRLD as an anime character — recharging in a cryogenic chamber — released via his YouTube channel.

Frequent collaborators in DJ Scheme and others also shared the video on social, creating more hype around the album’s impending release.

Still no word on an official tracklist or cover art from Grade A, however, an album artwork concept has been taking social media by storm. The hip-hop community is only left to wonder when Bibby and Grade A will officially release TPNE, but fans can anticipate more news and an official release date by summer’s end.

Lil Bibby speaks on Juice WRLD’s ‘The Party Never Ends,’ HBO Documentary

Juice WRLD’s team shares information on ‘The Party Never Ends,’ confirming features with Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott and an HBO Documentary.

During Adin Ross’ Twitch stream June 13, as the YouTubers vs. TikTokers boxing event waged on, Juice WRLD fans were thrilled to hear a few updates surrounding the rapper’s upcoming posthumous projects.

His forthcoming album, The Party Never Ends, will be his second full-length posthumous release and will act as the follow-up to the July 2020 tribute tape, Legends Never Die. The Chicago-based rapper broke Spotify’s all-time album streaming record with LND, earning Juice WRLD his second No. 1 album in his career — spending two weeks atop the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.

Grade A label boss Lil Bibby released a video on his Instagram in late May teasing The Party Never Ends, depicting Juice WRLD as the anime star he always imagined himself to be.

Bibby also took to Twitter to explain to fans that the album will be separated into three parts, with the first part being 90% complete and containing a Travis Scott feature. This not only brought forth more excitement as the album draws closer, but also provides insight as to what other avenues his team will explore in the future.

As for Ross’ stream, he was joined by frequent collaborators in popular hip-hop YouTubers Zias and BLou, as they interviewed rappers such as Trippie Redd and Trey Songz over the course of the hour-and-a-half segment. Grade A Productions affiliate and Juice’s manager Peter Jideonwo joined the trio midway through the stream, speaking on the planned releases from Juice WRLD in the near future.

“We got an [album] coming out called The Party Never Ends, Lil Uzi Vert is going to be on there. A few other big artists are going to be on there as well,” Jidenwo said. “We also got the Juice WRLD documentary coming out on HBO.”

Jideonwo also took the time to tell-off rampant leakers of Juice’s music.

Stop leaking his music.” he said on stream. “You’re weird if you keep selling songs for $10,000 and ruining it for everyone else. It just doesn’t allow us time to plan and release things the right way. Y’all lame as f***”

Time will only tell when Juice WRLD’s team will officially release The Party Never Ends. Fragments of Juice WRLD’s archived music leak almost every day on SoundCloud, as leakers use platforms such as DropBox to download files of unreleased music to share within the underground.

However, it seems as though the more songs that leak, the longer it will take for “The Party” to start.