‘Kanye was too afraid Drake would one-up him’

More fuel gets added to the fire that is Drake and Kanye West’s everlasting feud. As new details emerged Tuesday from Todd Rundgren, Ye may have rushed DONDA’s completion in fear of competing with Drake in the same week.

Legendary musician Todd Rundgren — who is set to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in October — is yet another artist to speak out about Kanye West’s now-infamous cuts to his 10th studio album DONDA.

The Utopia frontman voiced his concerns about his snub much like Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, sitting down with Ultimate Classic Rock to reveal why he wasn’t too thrilled about Ye’s process or the overall project DONDA turned out to be.

The 73-year-old rocker — who’s most notable production credits come from Grand Funk Railroad, Meat Loaf and others — took the time to explain why he was left off West’s latest LP.

“I kept getting called by Kanye to add vocals onto the record,” he said. “When it got into the homestretch in July, I just said, ‘That’s enough for me. I have no idea whether any of this is being used.’ You don’t get much feedback from him regarding what it is.”

Frustrated and deterred from West’s workflow, Rundgren also offered insight into the ongoing feud between Ye and Drake, saying that Drizzy had a lot to do with Donda’s “raw” and “unprocessed” nature.

“They hurriedly wrapped the whole thing up and put out what is obviously really raw, unprocessed stuff,” he explained. “Drake was running the whole process… [Kanye] was too afraid that Drake would one-up him, so he hurried up and released the album the weekend before Drake could get his out. And in the end, Drake ate his lunch anyway.”

‘Certified Lover Boy’ earns biggest debut of 2021 with 613K units sold

Drake’s latest effort Certified Lover Boy topped the Billboard Top 200 charts this week with over 613,000 total units sold. DONDA debuted at No. 1 as well during its opening week, however, it paled in comparison to the 6 God, selling 327,000 first-week units.

As this information off-handedly comes to light, it seems as though the details of this feud have only scratched the surface. Rushing Donda’s release to beat out Drake is a jab to Kanye’s own throat — when in reality — the two projects couldn’t be more far away from one another, both in sound and concept.

While this spout between two of music’s most iconic artists continues to unearth collateral damage, only time will tell if either of their legacies will be hurt in the long run.

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