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Kenny Mason shares SoundCloud exclusive EP ‘pr3’

Kenny Mason’s brash balance of heavy metal and infectious trap gets more undeniable by the day.

Off the back of his latest mixtape RUFFS — which was in all parts an “experience” for the Atlanta rock-rapper — Mason gifted die-hard fans with a SoundCloud-only pack “pr3” (Feb. 7) on his second account, superpuppyboy.

“Just sumn slight for the pups,” he said about the EP, as Kenny previously revealed to us that he’s contemplating a sequel to RUFFS sometime in the near future. Crooning over “crossfire,” “loyalty” and “entropy,” the “SHELL” star is in his element exuding both edginess and energy on the 3-track EP.

Produced by Kenny himself, Julian Cruz, Skufl and frequent collaborator Coupe — who handled a majority of the production on RUFFS — Mason combines his knack for ethereally singing in between mosh-inducing bars. His brazen vocal inflections create a vibe only Kenny can cultivate on “entropy,” as “crossfire” slows things down with a somber, grungy approach that sees Kenny’s vocal chops take centerstage. “Loyalty” is the most bombastic of the bunch, bringing forth a blizting, pop-punk vibe to Kenny’s genuine hard rock soundscape.

Previewing a pack of new tracks on Instagram Live — one featuring the inimitable Tony Shhnow — “pr3” is a perfect holdover for whatever Kenny has cooking next. Catching both artists in Chicago for Mason’s sold-out “RUFFS Tour,” the pair initially divulged that they had some “heat” on the way together. Here’s hoping it drops sooner rather than later.

Amid RUFFS’ release last September — and with new music on the way — Mason continued its rollout by sharing the third iteration of his “STRAYS” performance series. Bringing a live element to his third full-length project, expect Kenny Mason to continue breaking barriers — and guitars — as 2023 wages on.

Listen to “pr3” below!

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