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Lil Loaded drops posthumous single ‘Cell Tales’ on anniversary of his death

Lil Loaded‘s death was one of the most gut-wrenching stories in hip-hop in recent years. Potentially influenced by accidentally and unfortunately killing his friend — along with his girlfriend’s infidelity — the young Dallas rapper’s suicide came at a time where he was blossoming in the underground.

With hits like “6locc 6a6y” and its NLE Choppa remix, “Gang Unit” and its YG remix along with “Every Time We Step” and “Narco,” Loaded was a burgeoning talent, taken away from us far too soon at the age of 20.

But, as Mental Health Awareness Month (May) came to a close, and the one-year anniversary of Loaded’s death arrived, his estate figured it would only be right if they honored him with a new release. On May 31, Lil Loaded’s “Cell Tales” dropped, being his first posthumous release since.

The song details his mindset when initially locked up for the manslaughter of his friend, as he explains how downtrodden he was and how those who passed before him watched over him even after his release. Its coinciding visuals were shot just before Loaded’s passing, as he dons an orange jumpsuit and pours his heart out from inside a jail cell.

Fresh shower back at home (What?)

I had to get that jail smell off of me

My brother spirit in me (What?)

I know B-Doggs walk with me

You ain’t walk up in them trenches, you can’t ride in that droptop with me

“Cell Tales” — Lil Loaded

While Loaded’s life and legacy were honored by way of “Cell Tales,” it was a great move by Loaded’s team to share this video at amid the sentiments of mental health awareness month.

Check out the moving new single “Cell Tales” by Lil Loaded below!