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Lil Playah recruits Iayze on new EP ‘It Might Be Me?’

While Houston rapper Lil Playah has been delivering new wave banger after banger in recent years — drawing comparisons to early Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd — Playah is playing the game his way, taking another step forward with the release of his new EP, It Might Be Me?.

Following Money Hungry! in January, which featured five tracks and SoundCloud up-and-comer Wolfacejoeyy, Lil Playah’s new project also brings on fellow Texas artist and one of 2022’s biggest breakout stars, Iayze.

While it Might Be Me? is on the short side of things, sitting at a total of 14 minutes long, each track showcases Playah’s musical versatility and an abundance of different sounds, as his collaboration with Iayze is truly something special.

Although both Iayze and Playah hold their own unique skillsets, they do share many similarities when it comes to their artistic choices and musical styles. On “Notice Me!”, both Iayze and Playah display their sharp vocals and intrinsic gifts to create addictive harmonies that boast their catchy sing-raps.

Playah has already delivered an impressive handful of EPs over the years — including his most popular Playah Cards Right in 2021. Just a few months into the new year, he continues to recruit impressive features and consistently has flooded fans with new music that displays his vast array of talents. Simply put, Playah might be “HIM” on It Might Be Me?.

Listen to It Might Be Me? below!