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Lil Tjay fires back a ‘FACESHOT’ on new ‘Many Men’ freestyle

One of hip-hop’s biggest stories this summer was the devastating attack on Lil Tjay, as he was a victim of a failed robbery and sustained seven bullet wounds. After spending weeks recovering, New York’s own returned in late August with a passionate, inspiring single “Beat The Odds,” recorded in the hospital room where he received his treatment.

Now that he’s back on his feet, Tjay is feeling vengeful, much like anyone would if they survived an attack from any opposition. So, days after uploading a selfie with idol and fellow New Yorker 50 Cent, Tjay dropped his remix of Fifty’s “Many Men (Wish Death)” from his legendary Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album.

Released on Sept. 17, “FACESHOT (Many Men Freestyle)” sees Tjay come with the same ferocity that Fifty did, considering 50’s iconic version was made after he survived nine gunshot wounds. Over the same beat as the original, Tjay brings a bit more of a whimsical flow, mixing jest with payback to rub his existence in the face of his shooters.

Youngest in charge, king of my city

I’m the richest to ever do it after Hov’, Fif’ and Diddy

New York, I’m like the motherf**kin’ co-founder

Love the feelin’, they won’t blow up, they can’t go around ya

N****s mad, thought they had a reason to be glad

Can’t come out, I just really sit down, chill, and laugh

“FACESHOT (Many Men Freestyle)” — Lil Tjay

Similarly to how his late colleague and collaborator Pop Smoke interpolated “Many Men” on his 2020 track “Got It On Me,” Lil Tjay asserts his dominance over the New York hip-hop scene and assures that he is not one to mess with.

Now that Tjay has addressed the tumultuous event that derailed his summer plans, it will be intriguing to see which direction he takes his career in and when we can expect a full-length project from the “Trench Kid.”

In the meantime, check out “FACESHOT (Many Men Freestyle)” below!