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Mach-Hommy drops collab tape with The God Fahim ‘Dollar Menu’ on all DSPs

The enigmatic Mach-Hommy is not only coming off an incredible 2021 with critically-acclaimed releases in Pray for Haiti and Balens Cho (Hot Candles), but still reasserts his legendary presence in hip-hop with each new effort.

Both of these releases were a stellar introduction to the lowkey lyricist’s rap prowess — especially to those who were unfamiliar with the Griselda artist beforehand. Releasing plenty of projects that have yet to be shared on DSPs, Mach continues to unleash his vault for new and old listeners alike. To ring in the new year, the Haitian rapper dropped his 2017 album Dollar Menu to all streaming services this past weekend (Jan. 21).

Mach and longtime collaborator The God Fahim join forces throughout the quick 7-track offering. In the album opener, “Barnum & Bailey,” a clip of the iconic milkshake scene from 2007’s There Will Be Blood is sampled before Fahim and Mach skate over the instrumental to Armand Hammer’s “Rehearse with Ornette.” It’s a stunning intro and sets the tone for the rest of the tracklist — showing once again how easily Mach can glide over any production.

Although the majority of the project is left unchanged, there is one significant difference from the original 2017 version. The sole feature from Al Divino on “Smoke Signal” is no longer there. Besides the lost verse, the rest of the song remains the same but simply ends nearly a minute shorter. It is currently unknown exactly why the feature was left off this reissued edition.

Nonetheless, Dollar Menu is another must-listen project from Mach-Hommy and one that many new fans would be glad to finally hear now that is readily accessible. Mach’s been steadily reissuing his previous work on streaming for over the past year, as it seems like the Creole-speaking wordsmith has more in store for fans in 2022.

Listen to ‘Dollar Menu’ by Mach Hommy below!