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Mach-Hommy drops new $222 EP ‘Dump Gawd: Triz Nathaniel’

The enigmatic Mach-Hommy has returned in the new year after a rather monumental 2021. The Haitian rapper was riding high after dropping his critically-acclaimed album Pray 4 Haiti and topped the year off with the equally impressive Balens Cho (Hot Candles).

Now, he drops his first new project of 2022 Dump Gawd: Triz Nathaniel but it also comes with a hefty price tag of $222.22.

While fans are always anticipating new music from Mach, the price tag may alienate them from downloading it. The high price is not quite a shock to those who have attempted to collect one of Mach’s highly elusive vinyl records.

The majority of them are considered collectors’ items and sell for thousands of dollars in part due to their limited availability and the fact that Mach himself views his work as more than just music, but art. Luckily, Dump Gawd: Triz Nathaniel is still accessible to freely stream on his site.

Mach’s latest EP comes in just after he reissued his 2017 project Dollar Menu to all DSPs. The 4-track EP is entirely produced by longtime collaborator Conductor Williams and features several familiar voices on each track. Tha God Fahim appears throughout its 10-minute runtime while past favorite Your Old Droog trades lines with the Newark native on the second track “Eskimo Bros.” Newcomers Big Cheeko and Jay NiCE round out the guest list and easily fit into Mach’s lyrically dense tracks.

Mach’s latest effort is yet another stellar showcase of his lyricism and Conductor Williams’ impeccable production chops. The price may be intimating for those who want to download, but the music remains as good as ever.

With the year just starting out, fans can expect to hear more from the masked lyrical marksman at some point down the road.

Check out Mach’s Hommy’s past hits below!