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Mach-Hommy, Tha God Fahim surprisingly drop Duck CZN sequel ‘Tiger Style’

It didn’t take long for Newark’s Mach-Hommy and Atlanta’s Tha God Fahim to reunite again.

On Oct. 10, the dynamic duo returned with their second project of the year and the second installment of their Duck CZN tapes. Full of mystical soul samples and old school movie samples similar to classic Wu-Tang Clan projects, both Mach and Fahim hit the ground running for yet another lyrical outing on Tiger Style.

Having already blessed fans once this year with the fourth edition of their celebrated Dollar Menu series back in August, the tandem figured a second helping was needed. This time around, Mach enlisted a host of familiar producers like Nicholas Craven, Sadhu Gold and Fahim himself to help set the scene.

Mach released a formal statement about the new tape in a press release, along with sitting down with Rolling Stone in a rare interview on Oct. 13.

“Tiger Style is not an escape, but a relocation, a space where more can be done about the things that are. Allow Tiger Style to help you fly south for the winter; as the season changes, so must your behavior, and this album is your soundtrack.”

Mach-Hommy on ‘Duck CZN: Tiger Style’

Later in the interview, the self-described literary artist-rapper talked more about Duck CZN and his overall work ethic. He viewed his new tape as a soundtrack to the changing season and compared how ducks need to migrate from the harsh winter to people tending to move and change themselves.

Winter is a great time, also just getting into that whole seasonal approach of your mentality shifting, even the animals and the birds. The ducks fly away. M***********s got to escape the bitter cold, son. And sometimes it’s the bitter cold of your life. You might be stuck in a trauma loop and sometimes the winter is a great time to exorcise demons, man, and get them out of your life.

Mach-Hommy on ‘Duck SZN: Tiger Style’

At length, he also discussed both his work upcoming and current, being a “Haitian cowboy” and most importantly, how he doesn’t want to be seen as a reclusive artist. While he may be known as a renowned lyricist, he wants to let the world know that being a gifted rapper is just one facet of who he is.

He’s raised money for his home nation of Haiti, hunts big game for sport and he has butchered his own meat, among plenty other skills. The fact that he is only divulging this information now is to push against the “reclusive” narrative that has followed him throughout his career. He sees the title as a negative because he doesn’t play the typical publicized game so many other artists adjacent to him do.

“I feel like it’s part of the bastardization of the culture. The corporatization, the anesthetization. They want to take it and make it highly replicable and the least bit nuanced, as little different as possible from one another so that they can just interchange.”

Mach-Hommy on being called “reclusive”

Near the tail end of the interview, Mach mentioned multiple new projects are in the works including one that could drop at the top of next year called Dump Legends Vol 2. He also teased another unnamed album before talking about his plan to tour throughout the next few years at irregular intervals. The way Mach sees it, he’s simply making the music he wants and doing so in his own personal way.

“They say mastery requires 10,000 hours. If that’s the case, I’ve been a master. I’m ascendant”

Mach-Hommy talking to Rolling Stone on his craft

We’ll likely hear more from Mach soon when his next project drops and when he begins to perform live in 2023. But for now, listening to his epic Tiger Style should suffice.

Listen to ‘Duck CZN: Tiger Style’ by Mach-Hommy and Tha God Fahim below!