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OGM ‘Top 5ive’: LUCKI, Dro Kenji, Autumn!

Aug. 16-22, Edition 10

Keeping up with music’s ceaseless news cycle can certainly be tasking, but we at OGM are cutting right through the noise. In our weekly news series “Top 5ive,” we’re saying things straight-up — unpacking the five most important news stories you need to know right now. Know the major players and what their latest moves are, as our new editorial series is dedicated to keeping listeners informed on the most harrowing, heroic and heartfelt headlines in hip-hop.

In this week’s edition (Aug. 16-22), JID’s The Forever Story inches closer, Dro Kenji looks to make a splash on his upcoming album ANYWHERE BUT HERE, Lucki makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut and much more in our latest OGM “Top 5ive.”

Top 5ive…