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Playboi Carti’s reveals his next album ‘Music’ in rare XXL interview

Photo courtesy of Rolling Loud / @srodriguez92

If there’s anything about Playboi Carti that we’ve come to love, it’s his ability to capture our attention at moment’s notice.

As a man of both mystery and musical innovation — igniting a wave of rage-infused trap music with the release of his 2020 album Whole Lotta Red — Sir Cartier has finally re-emerged from the shadows of Ye’s Donda 2 event in Miami. Sitting down with XXL to speak on his upcoming album, simply titled Music, Carti also divulged on his current relationship with Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West, his Opium label, fatherhood, his fans and much more.

The evolution of King Vamp is certainly an ongoing epic, as Carti continues to write new chapters amid a plethora of storylines. Following his NARCISSIST tour — that came without the album he teased relentlessly last September — the ultra-rare cover story sees Carti explain why Whole Lotta Red’s follow-up is set to be something everyone will enjoy.

“I was about to name my album ‘Music’ because that’s where I’m at. ‘Music’ because that’s all it is at this point… That’s what it’s for, so everybody can just [listen]… I’m here, forever. So, the music that I’m making is forever… I have a lot to say, I’m ready to speak my mind and just let it all go. It’s me.”

Playboi Carti to XXL

Music will be Playboi Carti’s fourth official studio album and is set to be introduced by a new track titled “Wicked.” He reveals that the single is unlike anything fans have heard from him in the past, yet still sees Carti being quintessentially himself through and through.

The subject matter Music will range from “Love. Sex. Drugs. Changes in my life,” the 25-year-old rapper tells XXL. Mental health is also slated to be a central theme for the record, as the Opium label head hopes he’s able to bring “peace to the world” upon its release.

“I’ve been rapping about going to rehab. I want to go to rehab because I think I’m bipolar. I want everybody to feel free. I want this album to make everyone feel free. I hope this album brings peace to the world, honestly.”

Playboi Carti to XXL

Carti reaffirms his fond relationships with Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert, saying he loves “Uzi to death” when responding to a question surrounding their mythical joint project 16*29. Also calling Ye his “brother,” the WLR rapper still wishes that he and Uzi can hop on a joint project. “Uzi is working on mad music right now,” Carti said. “I don’t know if he’s serious about a lot of things. But I hope one day we can change the world with that, for sure.”

As the leader of his label Opium — which touts signees in rising stars Ken Car$on, Destroy Lonely and others — Carti gives his gratitude to both Ken and Lonely saying that the pair are part of his “family.”

“My artists that I have are Ken Car$on, Destroy Lonely and Homicide Beno! And Homixide Meechie. I have a gang of producers. I came in first just signing a gang of producers. Ken and Lonely, they are two kids who grew up where I’m from. And they are family. As they got older, they started rapping.”

Playboi Carti to XXL

Addressing his emo face-paint by revealing that his friends jokingly call him “Michael Jackson,” Carti also recognizes and praises the cult-like following he has, explaining that his fans are “just like me.”

It’s just a world. I was telling my friends, ‘I’m into tattoos right now.’ It’s a bunch of people that take tattoos seriously, just like they dedicate themselves to that. You got rock stars. Punks. You got emos. You got goths. With me, I’m just being myself and I feel like it’s a lot of people who really want to be themselves and do a lot of different things. That’s the reason why it’s a cult because everybody is not going to understand, and I understand.

Playboi Carti to XXL

As a true product of his environment, Carti also unearths speculations about him seeming standoff-ish, quiet and to himself, speaking on he feels like he doesn’t “know how to talk, so, I don’t be wanting people to judge me based on how I talk, you know?”

Appreciating loyalty and the opportunities he’s been given in his life and career, becoming a father is perhaps one of his greatest achievements aside from music. Taking care of everyone around him, Carti remains humble and blessed with what he’s accomplished — continuing his mission to create ‘Music’ that lasts forever.

“I just wake up and smile. There’s no reason to be mad,” he said. “I’m blessed. So, I just stay in the studio. Anything that I go through, I just put into music. That will never change.”

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