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Sad Frosty returns with posthumous album ‘Sandbox’

Following the tragic passing of Sad Frosty, his team dropped off his posthumous album ‘Sandbox’ in honor of the fallen emcee.

While Sad Frosty certainly made an unforgettable impact in the underground prior to his passing, he still continues to spread his positivity and rich energy through the power of his music.

On his new 11-track album Sandbox, Frosty’s short-lived legacy wholeheartedly lives on through his camp and the coinciding tribute LP. Featuring friend and longtime collaborator DC The Don on “Zack And Cody” — as well as the album’s lead single “Gang Gang” with BIG TEEZO — the late 24-year-old rapper’s posthumous effort is a testament to his influence apart of SoundCloud’s revitalized era.

“Gang Gang” is the type of track that will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face. The song is full of Frosty’s infectious energy and lively persona that makes for the ultimate summer bop. Right off the bat, Frosty dives in bringing his authentic style and rich flow, tearing off a remarkably catchy hook. Both DC and TEEZO bring an abundance of lavish energy following Frosty’s sensational chorus, as fans find the trio kicking it in the track’s Brady Bunch-style video.

Ayy, that’s my gang gang (Wha? Wha? Ayy)

We can’t fall out ’bout no bitch ’cause that’s my gang gang (Bitch)

No, she don’t like me, she just like the way my chain hang (What? Huh?)

Cross your partner for some pussy, boy, that’s straight lame

Pussy boy ain’t gang gang (Ayy)

I’m with gang gang

“Gang Gang” – Sad Frosty

While “Gang Gang” is the lively banger listeners were introduced to, other early highlights in “Men In Black” and “GENGAR” with Chief Keef are the epitome of Frosty’s inimitable presence on the mic. Keef snd Frosty trade verses seamlessly on “GENGAR,” as the Chicago legend is easily integrated into the latter’s sound. The video showcases the pair’s chemistry even further — alluding to what could have been if Frosty was still with us.

Although Sad Frosty’s passing is truly a heart-wrenching tragedy, his full-of-life attitude, contagious smile and underground imprint will seem to always live on. If anything is for certain, Sad Frosty just wanted everyone in his life to be happy.

Listen to ‘Sandbox’ below!