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Saweetie delays album, gives explanation

Saweetie Pretty B*tch Music: In an interview with Big Tigger, Saweetie revealed that her album, Pretty B*tch Music, is going to hit streaming services later than fans originally thought.

Less than a week ago, Saweetie announced that her latest full-length project ‘Pretty b*tch Music’ would be coming out June 25, but it seems that her announcement was a little premature. In the aforementioned interview, she explains that she is a perfectionist and she just had to go back and alter a couple of songs so they have the impact she is hoping for.

Saweetie singles for this album have already been doing crazy numbers, with the most recent video release of “Fast (Motion)” already having almost 30 million views on YouTube.

Saweetie B*tch Music: Understandably, Saweetie is feeling the pressures of stardom, especially after being nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards. She also scored another platinum track with “Best Friend” featuring Doja Cat, bringing her to a total of four platinum plaques in under a year.

She has clearly found a perfect foothold for herself in the game, even hosting a masterclass on Complexland to give out some game on content creation and her own personal tips and tricks for success.

Pretty B*tch Music: While Saweetie’s come-up in the rap industry has been both fast and impactful, and with her music now under so much scrutiny, she clearly values putting out a quality project for her ever-growing fanbase. This delay will only build anticipation for the album, as fans can only hope Saweetie capitalizes on her success soon.

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