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ScHoolBoy Q competes at AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, details how golf changed his life

Photo by Atiba Jefferson / Golf’s Digest

In 2019, ScHoolBoy Q was in the studio recording his album CrasH Talk when someone in his entourage challenged him to a bet.

The bet was simple: if Q could make a birdie in under two years, he would win $10,000. Determined to win, he picked up a set of clubs and played a round of golf for the first time in his life.

“In less than 10 rounds I made a birdie, sank about a 70-foot putt, and it was over,” he detailed in Golf Digest. “That first day, I was addicted. Coming from baseball, I couldn’t believe I could hit it so bad. I tried again and again.”

What started as a bet between two friends became a life-changing event for the TDE rapper. This past weekend (Feb. 3-6), Q hit the greens to compete in the PGA Tour AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am event held at the Monterey Peninsula Country Club in Monterey, California. After his round, he caught up with CBS reporter, Amanda Balionis, and explained the impact the game has had on his life.

He said that he had never thought about playing golf, but since he started, it has changed his attitude in life for the better. He now plays multiple times a week and even has brought his clubs on tour with him, stopping to play in cities across the country to feed his “addiction.”

“Life is a golf game… Don’t give up because you’re in the sand on your fourth shot, you might chip it in.”

ScHoolboy Q to CBS

His current handicap is 11, which is considered above average for an amatuer golfer. His love for the game even landed him a spot in a commercial for PGA’s video game PGA TOUR 2K21.

As for his upcoming album, Q has yet to confirm or tease a release date for a new project, but assured loyal listeners that he’s been in the studio recording as well as squeezing in some games of Call of Duty: Warzone.

With golf opening his mind, here’s hoping fans get a refreshed and revitalized Q whenever his next effort hits DSPs.

When people think of golf, they think of retirement. Old, corny, white. Shake hands after the round, shirt tucked in, take your hat off — all that corny s–t a rapper would never do, especially one with diamond teeth who smokes 24/7. But I’ve met lots of people on the course just like me who just don’t post pictures. People say, “Bro, get off the golf course and into the studio.” But bro, I’m in the studio eight days a week. I got a studio in my house. I’m rapping on the course. I came up with half my new album while I was playing. They have no idea how the game opened up my mind. I was in a dark place, and golf got me inspired again. When I’m in the studio, creating some dope song that people are going to listen to long after I’m dead, it never crosses my mind to snap a photo. Dear fans, don’t worry, I’m not going pro. I’ve played with a pro golfer, and it would take me two lifetimes. I’d need to start over twice.

ScHoolboy Q to Golf Digest

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