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SSGKobe drops new underground track ‘Shoulder/Ty’

U4EYA seems closer than ever for the Louisiana teen phenom, as SSGKobe gifted the game with another off-the-cuff cut “Shoulder/Ty” on Tuesday (Nov. 8).

Just weeks after dropping his previous single “WAVE,” Kobe hits his stride on his latest SoundCloud exclusive — hypnotizing listeners with his transcendent, auto-tuned sing-raps. This is the fourth track Kobe has shared since releasing his teaser EP Relapsed in July, all in anticipation for his long-awaited debut album U4EYA.

Gliding over electro-spacey keys and growling 808s, “Shoulder/Ty” is a euphoric effort through and through — with Kobe accentuating his vocals by switching volumes, flows and harshness constantly. You feel like hitting the “Uzi Shoulder” while lisyening, as zapping synth melodies seamlessly blend within the track’s waning, hi-pass bells.

“She look like a Barbie / I ain’t seen no call girl I’m sorry,” he whisper-sings on the refrain, full on rapping the hook soon after. “Told myself I was done with the love / but I think imma fall / I look in her eyes / she givin’ me chills / Because she makin’ me love,” he raps, warping multiple cadences through his buzzing, bombastic vocal chain.

Following “LUV U BACK,” “WAVE,” “Shoulder/Ty” and other loose tracks like “EYELIDS” and “BABA,” it’s apparent that Kobe is speeding to deliver the U4EYA’s he’s promised for over a year.

Listen to “Shoulder/Ty” below!

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