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SSGKobe responds to romance on ‘Luv U Back’

As 2022 enters its final few months, new wave superstar SSGKobe is getting ready to bless his fanbase with his long-awaited album U4EYA.

Announcing the beginning of the LP’s rollout, Kobe started things off with a sweet ballad titled “Luv U Back.” Ko’s wavy, atmospheric single comes after a string of releases and a mixtape that has built immense anticipation for U4EYA in the coming months.

“If you say that you love, don’t leave me ‘lone
Don’t leave me in the cold
You the reason I’m cold
Excuses and neglect left me with no home
I thought you were my home
You said we would grow old”

SSGKobe — “Luv U Back”

In addition to sporadic singles, Ko recently dropped off a 6-song EP titled RELAPSED to hold fans over for the summer. His sound continues to evolve with each release as he tries new styles on every track. Collaborations with Sonny Digital, Trippie Redd, GOONIE and more have given Kobe a variety of sounds to try out this year, ranging from heavy rage music to futuristic R&B love songs.

Between releasing on U4 0.5 on SoundCloud, dropping his EP and slowly preparing fans for U4EYA, SSGKobe has had a hectic year. His proper debut album is sure to be worth the wait, so keep an eye out as Ko continues to roll it out.

Check out ‘Luv U Back’ by SSGKobe below!

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