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SSGKobe surprises fans with SoundCloud exclusive single ‘Running Out Of Time’

Louisiana-raised, teenage melodic rap phenom SSGKobe has made it crystal clear to his fans that his favorite hobby is dropping singles. Although he does have the six-song April 2021 KO. EP under his belt, he has since only made waves by releasing singles instead of projects, and each of them have provided eccentric moments in his young career.

Now, only five days removed from his latest highly-anticipated single release on Jan. 28 titled “Don’t Miss,” SSGKobe is back, but in a subtler manner. On Tuesday (Feb. 2), Kobe dropped his brand new, SoundCloud exclusive single “\RUNNING OUT OF TIME/.”

The track serves as one of Kobe’s briefest in his career, only lasting one minute and 47 seconds. However, what he lacks in time he makes up for in intrigue.

“\RUNNING OUT OF TIME/” kicks off with a quick first verse over hyper-pop style drums, seemingly unfamiliar territory for Kobe. The “cause we’re running out of time” hook engulfs most of the song’s run-time, but the bird sounds and “Lala la la” ad-libs that are layered in the background create a serene, jovial atmosphere for the track.

The overarching message of the song appears to be a motivation to continue staying positive through life’s challenges, as his equally short second verse asserts.

Keep my head up

5AM, flights to New York

I’ve lost my wallet in the airport

But, I got to keep my head up


When announcing the release, SSGKobe mentioned that the song would be on SoundCloud “for now,” which could either mean he intends to add it to all digital streaming platforms in the future, or that it is a limited time drop.

Either way, “”\RUNNING OUT OF TIME/” exhibits a bit of experimenting by SSGKobe, as he continues to come into his own as one of hip-hop’s most notable new wave artists.

Check out “\RUNNING OUT OF TIME/” by SSGKobe below!