‘Step Brothers’ Fleacoo and Truebeatzz drop deluxe version of 2021 collab album

While it is not uncommon for siblings or relatives to make music together, evident with current rap groups like Migos or Rae Sremmurd, Fleacoo and Truebeatzz story is a bit different.

Hailing from Atlanta, both of them came up as producers in the late 2010s, as Fleacoo had worked with high-profile acts such as Lil Yachty years ago. Similarly, Truebeatzz has provided multiple instrumentals for rising Atlanta teenager Guwop Reign, however, Fleacoo soon transformed into a rapper — a switch that was certified when he actually rapped on a song with Yachty instead of solely producing for him.

Along the way, Fleacoo and Truebeatzz discovered that they were actually long-lost step brothers. This led them to come together for a collaborative, 7-song EP project, fittingly titled Step Brothers, which released on June 21, 2021.

Fleacoo’s delicate, smooth voice and infectious flow colliding with the thumping 808s on Truebeatzz’s production on songs like “Uh Oh” and “Word2Muva” make their connection special. So much so, that the duo felt it was necessary to double down on their release.

On March 21, Fleacoo and Truebeatzz added five new songs as a deluxe for Step Brothers. The new set of tracks includes their March 1 single “Yea X100,” an audacious cut that quite literally coincides with its title, as the simplistic “yea” hook never grows tiring because of the energy inserted by Fleacoo and hard-hitting instrumental from Truebeatzz.

Much like their clear affinity for each other in their music videos, Fleacoo and Truebeatzz evidently get along in the studio as well, continuing to churn out explosive tracks together, boosting each other’s careers.

Check out Fleacoo and Truebeatzz’s new deluxe album ‘Step Brothers’ below!


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