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Guwop Reign drops off captivating new single, visual ‘Don’t Mean Nothing’

Atlanta’s Guwop Reign continues to excite listeners with his entrancing, one-of-a-kind sound, dropping off his first track of 2022 in “Don’t Mean Nothing.”

While Guwop has been consistently delivering high-quality music for quite some time now, the young creative is still just 18-years-old with his future fully in front of him.

Although Guwop is from the hip-hop hub that is Atlanta, his music is truly authentic to himself — creating a sound unique to himself that does not resemble or have influence from the city that raised him. That notion is truly evident in “Don’t Mean Nothing” as Reign has seemingly discovered a new flow that may take his career to a whole new level.

“Don’t Mean Nothing” contains all the elements necessary to bring Guwop Reign’s name to new heights. His smooth, yet effortless flow compliments its catchy trap instrumental flawlessly. His consistent flow and the way he alternates his vocals throughout the track has fans inadvertently bobbing their head without realizing it.

I like f—kin’ tight p*ssy, I get lots of money

You can tell me how you feel, but that don’t mean nothing

Slidin’ coupe 63, bitch, I’m roadrunning

My dawg’ll kill you for the pain, that shit don’t mean nothing

These bad bitches don’t mean nothing

I slide on her and now her motherf—kin’ friend watchin’, ooh

Guwop Reign — “Don’t Mean Nothing”

While “Don’t Mean Nothing” is a certified banger, the pairing visual is almost more entertaining than the track itself. Just like most of Guwop’s videos, fans find another black and white shot visual that is sure to keep fans engaged.

The opening scene, however, is shot in color and showcases Guwop chillin’ on a couch watching TV. As soon as the song gets going, it switches back to black and white — and that’s when things start to get wild. A bunch of women enter the frame, as confetti is seen bursting throughout the air as the girls stick to Guwop’s side in his photoshoot (and in the sheets).

“Don’t Mean Nothing” is yet another example that Guwop Reign is a serious talent on the rise to stardom. His look, unique sound and elite versatility separate him from any other artist that looks to follow trends and hop on popular waves. His gifted musical abilities and impressive discography will eventually get the recognition it deserves, but for now, stay tuned as we watch the Atlanta talent evolve into something greater for the culture.

Listen to “Don’t Mean Nothing” below!