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The Crew League Season 3, Finals: Chris Brown vs. G Herbo (Episode 7)

After six tough battles between some of our favorite hip-hop, reggaeton and pop artists, we have finally reached our final two opponents.

The Crew League finals features the defendingn champion team ”OHB,” led by R&B/rap superstar Chris Brown.

After defeating Pardison Fontaine’s squad in Season 2’s finale, Breezy’s challenger to maintain his crown is G Herbo.

Herbo’s ”150 Dreamteam” full of intense Chicago hoopers has prevailed time and time again in Season 3 due to their rugged attitude and shot-making ability.

To see who is crowned the champion of another competitive Crew League tournament, check out Episode 7 below!

The Crew League Season 3, Semi-Finals: Chris Brown vs. NLE Choppa (Episode 6)

One spot in the Season 3 Crew League finals has been solidified. G Herbo’s “150 Dreamteam” is now awaiting the winner of Chris Brown’s defending champion “OHB” squad and NLE Choppa’s “No Love.”

“OHB” and “No Love” both made it to the semi-final round with ease, as Breezy’s team knocked off YK Osiris’ “Thug Passion” team 21-14, and “No Love” vanquished Toosii’s “2X” 21-11. Both Brown and Choppa have tons of basketball experience and can contribute to their squads, so their supporting casts will likely decide who takes the W.

Check out the thrilling showdown between “OHB” and “No Love” below for a spot in the championship!

The Crew League Season 3, Semi-Finals: G Herbo vs. Anuel (Episode 5)

Now that we have settled the first round matchups, The Crew League has now been narrowed down to four teams. Of those four, the first two, Anuel’s “Illuminati” and G Herbo’s “150 Dreamteam” squared off in the first of two semi-final games.

Both teams came out victorious in the first round winning by the score 21-15, as “Illuminati” took down 24KGoldn’s “24K” and “150 Dreamteam” knocked off DJ Scheme’s “Scheme Team.”

After a dispute about Anuel not actually dressing up and playing in the games, which is team found a loophole four, the semi-finals tipped off and the off-the-court antics quoted down for some real hoops to take place.

Check out Episode 5 of The Crew League below!

The Crew League Season 3, Round 1: G Herbo vs. DJ Scheme (Episode 4)

For the last game of the first round The Crew League season 3, we have an elite matchup between South Florida producer DJ Scheme and Chicago rap icon G Herbo. Although they say they’ve played each other 1-on-1 in the past, it’s time to see who is a better general manager in putting together a hooping crew.

Herbo’s “150 Dreamteam” stays true to the intentions of The Crew League, as he round up guys from his inner circle like manager Mikkey Malsted and security guard Smoke, who is 40 years old. Along with this, his two friends Stef Hannah, who played at the division 1 NCAA level at Missouri and Deandre Thomas, who also played D1 at Indiana, look to lead “150 Dreamteam” to a W. Before hitting the floor Mikkey gave the squad an arousing pep talk: “We from Chicago bro, we from the gutter. We came to win this money.”

As for DJ Scheme’s “Scheme Team,” it seems he went out and did a bit more recruiting than Herbo. Gathering Zena Edosomwan, professional player in Mexico and former Harvard D1 standout who played with DDG last year, as well as former division 3 teammates at Mount Union D’Vontay Friga and Nather Bower-Malone, “Scheme Team” is definitely looking dangerous. To hype them up, Scheme’s manager and Rolling Loud founder Tariq Cherif got the squad’s blood flowing.

Check out Episode 4 of The Crew League between “150 Dreamteam” and “Scheme Team” below!

The Crew League Season 3, Round 1: YK Osiris vs. defending champion Chris Brown (Episode 3)

In Season 2, Chris Brown’s loaded “OHB” squad took home The Crew League crown, defeating Pardi’s “Section 8” 22-20 in a nail-biter. Now, “OHB” is back to defend their title in Season 3, taking on YK Osiris’ “Thug Passion” in the first round.

Chris Brown returned a few of his best contributor’s to last season’s “OHB’ team like NFL tight end Mo Alie-Cox, as well as adding new talent like former Iowa State basketball star, NBA nemesis and congressional candidate for Minnesota Royce White and Frank Nitty, star of King Combs’ season 2 team “CYN.”

YK Osiris also did some recruiting from other teams from last season, poaching former Baylor guard Austin Mills from G-Eazy’s season 2 team. “Thug Passion” also features Matt Kiatipis, winner of HouseofHighlights’ recent $50,000 influencer 1v1 tournament.

With Tyga in the announcer’s booth joining our hosts, “Thug Passion” and “OHB” face off in Episode 3 of The Crew League below!

The Crew League Season 3, Round 1: Anuel vs. 24KGoldn (Episode 2)

For the second game of The Crew League’s 1st round, Puerto Rican latin rap and Reggaeton pop superstar Anuel AA‘s team “Illuminati” battles San Francisco pop rapper 24KGoldn‘s “24K.”

Anuel plays the boss role for his team as a coach, similar to his role as the owner of Puerto Rican professional basketball club Capitanes de Arecibo. In fact, he brought players from the Puerto Rican league to fill his roster, including Victor Liz, one of the best players from the Dominican Republic, Bimbo Carmona who played for Puerto Rico in the Olympics and Chinemelu Elonu who was originally drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers.

In contrast to Anuel’s star-studded pro hoopers, 24KGoldn committed to the true motivation behind The Crew League, and brought along teammates all from the Bay Area he grew up in. Playing with his friends, “24K” includes former University of California basketball star Paris Austin.

With Zias and Adin Ross placing major bets on the game, and fellow hip-hop icons like Dreezy and Blueface in attendance, Anuel coached “Illuminati” and 24KGoldn’s homegrown team duke it out in Episode 2 of The Crew League below!

The Crew League Season 3 tips off, NLE Choppa and Toosii face off in Round 1 (Episode 1)

The Crew League is back. Fans have always theorized which rappers would be the best basketball players, and REVOLT TV’s TCL tournament has delivered answers for two seasons, with Swae Lee and Chris Brown being the first two champions, respectively.

Now, to kick off 2022, Season 3 has commenced with a bracket full of some of hip-hop, Reggaeton and R&B’s hottest names like NLE Choppa, 24KGoldn, Anuel, reigning champ Chris Brown, G Herbo, DJ Scheme, YK Osiris and Toosii.

Replacing Druski and Jack Harlow as last year’s hosts are streaming giants like everybody’s best friend Adin Ross, two-headed monster Zias and B Lou and Gorilla Nems, pioneer of “Bing Bong” YouTube trend.

For the first game of the 1st round, NLE Choppa’s “No Love” team took on Toosii’s “2X.” Each squad contains a stellar roster, as each of the young artists plucked out some elite professional and viral talent to bolster their teams.

NLE Choppa is coached by his mother and joined by basketball influencer Tristan Jass (played with Tyga in Season 2) and big man Zach Andrews, who was LeBron James’ stunt double in Space Jam 2. Toosii, on the other hand, recruited NBA trainer Ronnie Taylor to hoop with him, along with former NCAA basketball star and European pro Isaiah Austin.

For the first game to determine who moves on in the $250,000 tournament, check out NLE Choppa vs. Toosii below!